Internet of Things Security: Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications

Internet of Things Security: Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications (River Publisher Finelybook 出版社s Series in Information Science and Technology)
ISBN-10 书号: 8793609531
ISBN-13 书号: 9788793609532
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-10-08
pages 页数: (250 )


Editors Shishir Kumar Shandilya VIT Bhopal University India Soon Ae Chun City University of New York USA Smita Shandilya Sagar Institute of Research, Technology and Science India Edgar Weippl SBA Research Austria

Internet of Things (IoT) security deals with safeguarding the devices and communications of IoT systems by implementing protective measures and avoiding procedures which can lead to intrusions and attacks. However, security was never the prime focus during the development of the IoT, hence vendors have sold IoT solutions without thorough preventive measures. The idea of incorporating networking appliances in IoT systems is relatively new, and hence IoT security has not always been considered in the product design.
To improve security, an IoT device that needs to be directly accessible over the Internet should be segmented into its own network, and have general network access restricted. The network segment should be monitored to identify potential anomalous traffic, and action should be taken if a problem arises. This has generated an altogether new area of research, which seeks possible solutions for securing the devices, and communication among them.
Internet of Things Security: Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of the overall scenario of IoT Security while highlighting recent research and applications in the field. Technical topics discussed in the book include:

Machine-to-Machine Communications
IoT Architecture
Identity of Things
Block Chain
Parametric Cryptosystem
Software and Cloud Components


List of Contributors
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List of Abbreviations
Chapter 1-loT Security:An Introduction
Chapter 2-Internet of Things Privacy,Security,and
Chapter 3-loT Data Processing:The Different
Archetypes and Their Security and Privacy
Chapter 4-Safeguarding the Connected Future:
Security in Internet of Things(loT)
Chapter 5-Role of Blockchain in loT Security
Chapter 6-Cryptic Mining for AVK-based loTCrypto
system and Client-side Encryption Perspective

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