The Dart Programming Language

The Dart Programming Language
Authors:Gilad Bracha
ISBN-10 书号:0321927702
ISBN-13 书号:9780321927705

Dart is a class-based, object-oriented language that simplifies the development of structured modern apps, scales from small scripts to large applications, and can be compiled to JavaScript for use in any modern browser. In this rigorous but readable introductory text, Dart specification lead Gilad Bracha fully explains both the language and the ideas that have shaped it.
The Dart Programming Language offers an authoritative description of Dart for programmers, computer science students, and other well-qualified professionals. The text illuminates key programming constructs with significant examples, focusing on principles of the language, such as optional typing and pure object-orientation.
Bracha thoroughly explains reflection in Dart, showing how it is evolving into a form that programmers can easily apply without creating excessively large programs. He also shares valuable insights into Dart’s actor-style model for concurrency and asynchronous programming. Throughout, he covers both language semantics and the rationale for key features, helping you understand not just what Dart does, but why it works the way it does.
You will learn about

Dart’s object model, in which everything is an object, even numbers and Boolean values
How Dart programs are organized into modular libraries
How Dart functions are structured, stored in variables, passed as parameters, and returned as results
Dart’s innovative approach to optional typing
How Dart handles expressions and statements
How to use Dart’s implementation of reflection to introspect on libraries, classes, functions, and objects
Isolates and other Dart features that support concurrency and distribution


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