KVM Virtualization Cookbook

KVM Virtualization Cookbook

KVM Virtualization Cookbook

By 作者: Konstantin Ivanov

ISBN-10 书号: 178829467X

ISBN-13 书号: 9781788294676
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-07-06
pages 页数: 352


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Key Features

Build, manage and scale virtual machines with practical step-by-step examples
Leverage the libvirt user-space tools and libraries to manage the life-cycle of KVM instances
Deploy and scale applications inside KVM virtual machines with OpenStack

Book Description to Finelybook sorting

Virtualization technologies such as KVM allow for better control over the available server resources, by deploying multiple virtual instances on the same physical host, or clusters of compute resources. With KVM it is possible to run various workloads in isolation with the hypervisor layer providing better tenant isolation and higher degree of security.
This book will provide a deep dive into deploying KVM virtual machines using qemu and libvirt and will demonstrate practical examples on how to run, scale, monitor, migrate and backup such instances. You will also discover real production ready recipes on deploying KVM instances with OpenStack and how to programmatically manage the life cycle of KVM virtual machines using Python. You will learn numerous tips and techniques which will help you plan and deploy production ready KVM infrastructure. You will be introduced to working with the libvirt libraries and the iPython development environment.
Finally, you will be able to tune your Linux kernel for high throughput and better performance. By the end of this book, you will gain all the knowledge needed to be an expert in working with KVM virtualization infrastructures.
What you will learn
Deploy different workloads in isolation with KVM virtualization and better utilize the available compute resources
Explore the benefits of running applications with KVM and learn to prevent the “bad-neighbor” effect
Leveraging various networking technologies in the context of virtualization with Open vSwitch and the Linux bridge.
Create KVM instances using Python and inspect running KVM instances
Understand Kernel Tuning for enhanced KVM performance and better memory utilization
About the Author
Konstantin Ivanov is a Linux Systems Engineer, an open source developer, and a technology blogger who has been designing, configuring, deploying, and administering large-scale, highly available Linux environments for more than 15 years. His interests include large distributed systems and task automation, along with solving technical challenges involving multiple technology stacks.
Konstantin received two Master of Science in Computer Science degrees from universities in Bulgaria and the United States, specializing in System and Network security and Software engineering.

Chapter 1. Getting Started With Qemu And Kvm
Chapter 2. Using Libvirt To Manage Kvm
Chapter 3. Kvm Networking With Libvirt
Chapter 4. Migrating Kvm Instances
Chapter 5. Monitoring And Backup Of Kvm Virtual Machines
Chapter 6. Deploying Kvm Instances With Openstack
Chapter 7. Using Python To Build And Manage Kvm Instances
Chapter 8. Kernel Tuning For Kvm Performance

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