Saving Data on Android: Learning Room, Firebase and SQLite with Kotlin

Saving Data on Android (First Edition): Learning Room, Firebase and SQLite with Kotlin
By 作者: raywenderlich Tutorial Team - Aldo Olivares Dominguez - Jennifer Bailey - Dean Djermanović
ISBN-10 书号: 1942878893
ISBN-13 书号: 9781942878896
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-09-30
pages 页数: (306 )

The persistence of data is always been a fundamental part of any application. Saving data locally or remotely with the modern technics for synchronization allows your app to be always up-to-date, reactively presenting fresh data. This book is for intermediate Kotlin or Android developers who want to know how to persist data using the standard Android APIs, the Room architecture component or what Google Firebase can offer.
Topics Covered in this Book:

Persistence with Android SDK:Learn how to manage files, SharedPreferences or SQLite databases using the APIs the Android platform has to offer by default.
Using Room: Room is one of the most important Google Architecture Component. It allows managing entities and relations using classic Object-Oriented principles. In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to store data and run queries on top of it.
Manage relations with Room: A database has entities and relations. With this book, you’ll learn how to design your DB and how to manage relations eagerly and lazily.
Managing and testing Migrations: Every application evolves in time. Here you’ll learn how to manage migrations with Room and how to test them properly.
Firebase Realtime Database: If you want to manage data locally and in remote, you can use the tools provided by Google through the Firebase platform. With Firebase Realtime Database you can manage and keep in sync data in a very simple and efficient way.
Cloud Storage: Another option provided by Google is the Cloud Storage which allows you to leverage all the power of Google infrastructure to manage your data and run expensive queries.

The Book Description robot was collected from Amazon and arranged by Finelybook
Section 1:Saving Data Using Android SDK
Chapter 1:Using Files
Chapter 2:Shared Preferences
Chapter 3:SQLite Database
Chapter 4:ContentProvider
Section 2:Using Room
Chapter 5:Room Architecture
Chapter 6:Entity Definitions
Chapter 7:Mastering Relations
Chapter 8:The DAO Pattern
Chapter 9:Using Room with Google's Architecture Components
Chapter 10:Migrations with Room
Section 3:Using Firebase
Chapter 11:Firebase Overview
Chapter 12:Introduction to Firebase Realtime Database
Chapter 13:Reading to & Writing from Realtime Database
Chapter 14:Realtime Database Offline Capabilities
Chapter 15:Usage & Performance
Chapter 16:Introduction to Cloud Firestore
Chapter 17:Managing Data with Cloud Firestore
Chapter 18:Reading Data from Cloud Firestore
Chapter 19:Securing Data in Cloud Firestore
Chapter 20:Cloud Storage


Saving Data on Android

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