Voice User Interface Design

Voice User Interface Design
By 作者: James P. Giangola - Jennifer Balogh
ISBN-10 书号: 0321185765
ISBN-13 书号: 9780321185761
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2004-02-12
pages 页数: (368 )

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his book is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to voice user interface (VUI) design. The VUI is perhaps the most critical factor in the success of any automated speech recognition (ASR) system, determining whether the user experience will be satisfying or frustrating, or even whether the customer will remain one. This book describes a practical methodology for creating an effective VUI design. The methodology is scientifically based on principles in linguistics, psychology, and language technology, and is illustrated here by examples drawn from the authors' work at Nuance Communications, the market leader in ASR development and deployment.The book begins with an overview of VUI design issues and a description of the technology. The authors then introduce the major phases of their methodology. They first show how to specify requirements and make high-level design decisions during the definition phase. They next cover, in great detail, the design phase, with clear explanations and demonstrations of each design principle and its real-world applications. Finally, they examine problems unique to VUI design in system development, testing, and tuning. Key principles are illustrated with a running sample application.


Praise for Voice User Interface Design
About the Authors and Radio Rex
Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction to Voice User Interfaces
Chapter 2. Overview of Spoken Language Technology
Chapter 3. Overview of the Methodology
Part : Definition Phase: Requirements Gathering and High-Level Design
Chapter 4. Requirements and High-Level Design Methodology
Chapter 5. High-Level Design Elements
Chapter 6. Creating Persona, by Design
Chapter 7. Sample Application: Requirements and High-Level Design
Part ll: Design Phase: Detailed Design
Chapter 8. Detailed Design Methodology
Chapter 9. Minimizing Cognitive Load
Chapter 10. Designing Prompts
Chapter 11. Planning Prosody
Chapter 12. Maximizing Efficiency and Clarity
Chapter 13. Optimizing Accuracy and Recovering from Errors
Chapter 14. Sample Application: Detailed Design
Part IV: Realization Phase: Development, Testing, and Tuning
Chapter 15. Development, Testing, and Tuning Methodology
Chapter 16. Creating Grammars
Chapter 17. Working with Voice Actors
Chapter 18. Sample Application: Development, Testing, and Tuning
Chapter 19. Conclusion

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