Professional Xcode 3

Develop, test, and optimize apps with Apple's Xcode 3 tools
Professional Xcode 作者: James Bucanek
出版社: Wrox
出版年: 2010-02-15
页数: 748
定价: USD 49.99
装帧: Paperback
ISBN: 9780470525227
Apple's Xcode 3 Development Tools package provides you with a plethora of project organizers, templates, utilities, and documentation that serves as an ideal choice if your development plans include working with Mac OS X or iPhone apps. This book takes you on a tour of the Xcode 3 integrated development environment and details the exciting features of Xcode 3, their intended purposes, and how you can best use them to make your Xcode 3 workflow seamless, effective, and efficient.

Covers additional tools you'll use in conjunction with Xcode 3, including Interface Builder, Instruments, and Shark

Explains how to search the documentation and filter the results by programming language

Demonstrates developing, testing, optimizing, and analyzing a Mac OS® X or iPhone® application

Walks you through creating complex conditional breakpoints and custom data interpreters

Shows you ways to look for inefficient code, track down memory leaks, catch app crashes, and debug an app that is currently running

Sketches the outline of common solutions, then directs you to resources where you can explore the topic more thoroughly

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Chapter 1:Installing Xcode
Chapter 2:The Grand Tour
Chapter 3:Xcode Layout
Chapter 4:The Project
Chapter 5:Sources
Chapter 6:Editing Text
Chapter 7:Syntax-Aware Editing
Chapter 8:Searching
Chapter 9:Class Browser
Chapter 10:Refactoring
Chapter 11:Snapshots
Chapter 12:Help and Documentation
Chapter 13:Interface Builder
Chapter 14:Class Modeling
Chapter 15:Data Modeling
Chapter 16:Targets
Chapter 17:Building Projects
Chapter 18:Debugging
Chapter 19:Performance Analysis
Chapter 20:Unit Testing
Chapter 21:Sharing Source
Chapter 22:Using the Organizer
Chapter 23:Customizing Xcode


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