iOS Apprentice: Beginning iOS development with SwiftUI and UIKit, 8th Edition

iOS Apprentice (Eighth Edition): Beginning iOS Development with Swift and UIKit
By 作者: raywenderlich Tutorial Team - Joey deVilla - Eli Ganem - Matthijs Hollemans
ISBN-10 书号: 1942878974
ISBN-13 书号: 9781942878971
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-12-12
pages 页数: (803 )

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In this iOS programming book for beginners, you’ll learn how to build five complete iOS and Swift apps by following easy step-by-step tutorials.
If you’re completely new to Swift and iOS development (or need a brush-up), this is the series for you.
The iOS Apprentice is a series of epic-length tutorials for beginners where you’ll learn how to build four complete apps from scratch.
Each new app will be a little more advanced than the one before, and together they cover everything you need to know to make your own apps. By the end of the series you’ll be experienced enough to turn your ideas into real apps that you can sell on the App Store.
These tutorials have easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and consist of more than 1,100 pages and 500 illustrations! You also get full source code, image files, and other resources you can re-use for your own projects.
If you’re new to iOS and Swift, or to programming in general, learning how to write an app can seem incredibly overwhelming.
That’s why you need a guide that:

Shows you how to write an app step-by-step
With tons of illustrations and screenshots to make everything clear
In a fun and easygoing manner!
We’ll start at the very beginning. The first tutorial assumes absolutely zero programming knowledge but still shows you how to build an entire game from scratch.
The iOS Apprentice series doesn’t cover every single feature of iOS – it just focuses on the absolutely essential ones that you need to know.
Instead of just covering a list of features, the iOS Apprentice series does something much more important: it explains how all the different building blocks fit together and what is involved in building real apps.
You’re not going to create quick example programs that demonstrate how to accomplish a single feature. Instead, you’ll develop complete, fully-formed apps that are good enough to submit to the App Store!
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Book Source Code & Forums
About the Cover
Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2:Getting Started with SwiftUl
Chapter 3:Building User Interfaces
Chapter 4:Swift Basics
Chapter 5:A Fully Working Game
Chapter 6:Refactoring
Chapter 7:The New Look
Chapter 8:The Final App
Chapter 9:List Views
Chapter 10:A"Checkable"List
Chapter 11:The App Structure
Chapter 12:Adding Items to the List
Chapter 13:Editing Checklist ltems
Chapter 14:Saving and Loading
Chapter 15:UIKit and The One-Button App
Chapter 16:Slider &Labels
Chapter 17:Outlets
Chapter 18:Polish
Chapter 19:The New Look
Chapter 20:Table Views
Chapter 21:The Data Model
Chapter 22:Navigation Controllers
Chapter 23:Edit High Score Screen
Chapter 24:Delegates & Protocols
Chapter 25:The Final App
Chapter 26:Swift Review
Chapter 27:Get Location Data
Chapter 28:Use Location Data
Chapter 29:Objects vs.Classes
Chapter 30:The Tag Location Screen
Chapter 31:Adding Polish
Chapter 32:Saving Locations
Chapter 33:The Locations Tab
Chapter 34:Maps
Chapter 35:Ilmage Picker
Chapter 36:Polishing the App
Chapter 37:Search Bar
Chapter 38:Custom Table Cells
Chapter 39:Networking
Chapter 40:Asynchronous Networking
Chapter 41:URLSession
Chapter 42:The Detail Pop-Up
Chapter 43:Polish the Pop-up
Chapter 44:Landscape
Chapter 45:Refactoring
Chapter 46:Internationalization
Chapter 47:The iPad
Chapter 48:Distributing the App



iOS Apprentice 8th Edition

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