Hacker’s Elusive Thoughts The Web

Hacker’s Elusive Thoughts The Web
By 作者: Vladimir Stojanovic
Pages 页数: 296 pages
Edition 版本: 1
Language 语言: English
Publication Date 出版日期: 2016-11-19
ISBN-10 书号:B01MTQ1B1O
This book is written to help hacking enthusiasts to become better and stan- dardize their hacking methodologies and techniques so as to know clearly what to do and why when testing Web Applications.
This book will also be very helpful to the following professionals:
1. Web Application developers.
2. Professional Penetration Testers.
3. Web Application Security Analysts.
4. Information Security professionals.
5. Hiring Application Security Managers.
6. Managing Information Security Consultants.


Chapter 1. Formalizing Web Penetration Test
Chapter 2. Scanning With Class
Chapter 3. The Payload Management
Chapter 4. Infiltrating Corporate Networks Using XML Injections
Chapter 5. Phishing Like A Boss
Chapter 6. Obfuscating SQL Fuzzing For Fun and Profit

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