Test-Driven React:Find Problems Early,Fix Them Quickly,Code with Confidence

Test-Driven React:Find Problems Early,Fix Them Quickly,Code with Confidence
Authors:Trevor Burnham
ISBN-10 书号:1680506463
ISBN-13 书号:9781680506464
Edition 版次:1
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2019-06-16
pages 页数:192 pages

Book Description
You work in a loop:write code,get feedback,iterate. The faster you get feedback,the faster you can learn and become a more effective developer. Test-Driven React helps you refine your React workflow to give you the feedback you need as quickly as possible. Write strong tests and run them continuously as you work,split complex code up into manageable pieces,and stay focused on what’s important by automating away mundane,trivial tasks. Adopt these techniques and you’ll be able to avoid productivity traps and start building React components at a stunning pace!
React has revolutionized web development by abstracting away the details of DOM manipulation. That conceptual elegance has opened the door to a new generation of web testing:clear,expressive,and lightning-fast. That makes React a perfect fit for test-driven development (TDD),a methodology in which tests are a blueprint instead of an afterthought.
Each chapter will present new projects to challenge you and new tools to help you. Write fast,portable tests with Jest. Keep your code tidy with ESLint and Prettier. Perform every task you need from a single window with VS Code. See your test output directly in your code with Wallaby. Use the JavaScript features of the future with Babel. Make assertions about React component behavior with Enzyme. And style components in a testable way with styled-components. By understanding every piece of your project’s stack,you’ll feel more confident and able to focus on what matters:writing reliable and maintainable code.
Discover a more joyful React development experience. Let your tests lead the way!
What You Need:
You’ll need a working knowledge of JavaScript and a computer running macOS,Windows,or Linux.
1.Test-Driven Development with Jest
2.Integrated Tooling with VS Code
3.Testing React with Enzyme
4.Styling in JavaScript with Styled-Components
5.Refactoring with Higher-Order Components
6.Continuous Integration and Collaboration


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