Programming Ecto:Build Database Apps in Elixir for Scalability and Performance

Programming Ecto:Build Database Apps in Elixir for Scalability and Performance
Authors:Darin Wilson - Eric Meadows-Jonsson
ISBN-10 书号:1680502824
ISBN-13 书号:9781680502824
Edition 版次:1
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2019-04-11
pages 页数:244 pages

Book Description
Languages may come and go,but the relational database endures. Learn how to use Ecto,the premier database library for Elixir,to connect your Elixir and Phoenix apps to databases. Get a firm handle on Ecto fundamentals with a module-by-module tour of the critical parts of Ecto. Then move on to more advanced topics and advice on best practices with a series of recipes that provide clear,step-by-step instructions on scenarios commonly encountered by app developers. Co-authored by the creator of Ecto,this title provides all the essentials you need to use Ecto effectively.
Elixir and Phoenix are taking the application development world by storm,and Ecto,the database library that ships with Phoenix,is going right along with them. There are plenty of examples that show you the basics,but to use Ecto to its full potential,you need to learn the library from the ground up.
This definitive guide starts with a tour of the core features of Ecto – repos,queries,schemas,changesets,transactions – gradually building your knowledge with tasks of ever-increasing complexity. Along the way,you’ll be learning by doing – a sample application handles all the boilerplate so you can focus on getting Ecto into your fingers.
Build on that core knowledge with a series of recipes featuring more advanced topics. Change your pooling strategy to maximize your database’s efficiency. Use nested associations to handle complex table relationships. Add streams to handle large result sets with ease. Based on questions from Ecto users,these recipes cover the most common situations developers run into.
Whether you’re new to Ecto,or already have an app in production,this title will give you a deeper understanding of how Ecto works,and help make your database code cleaner and more efficient.
What You Need:
To follow along with the book,you should have Erlang/OTP 19+ and Elixir 1.4+ installed. The book will guide you through setting up a sample application that integrates Ecto.


Programming Ecto

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