Software Quality Assurance A Self-Teaching Introduction

Software Quality Assurance A Self-Teaching Introduction

Software Quality Assurance: A Self-Teaching Introduction
By 作者: Rajiv Chopra
ISBN-10 书号: 1683921682
ISBN-13 书号: 9781683921684
Edition 版本: Cdr
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-04-13
pages 页数: (660 )


This overview of software quality assurance testing in a “self-teaching” format contains easy-to- understand chapters with tips and insights about software quality, its basic concepts, applications, and practical case studies. It includes numerous, end-of-chapter questions with answers to test your knowledge and reinforce mastery of the concepts being presented. The book also includes state of the art material on the video-game testing process (Chapter 14) and a game-testing plan template (Chapter 15) and Game Testing by the Numbers (Chapter 16).

Covers important topics such as black, white, and gray box testing, test management, automation, levels of testing, quality models, system and acceptance testing and more
Covers video game testing and effectiveness
Self-teaching method includes software lab experiments, numerous exercises (many with answers), projects, and case studies


Chapter 1: Introduction to Software Testing
Chapter 2: Software Verifhcation and Validation
Chapter 3: Software Quality
Chapter 4: Black-Box(or Functional) Testing Techniques
Chapter 5: White-Box(or Structural) Testing Techniques
Chapter 6: Gray-Box Testing
Chapter 7: Levels of Testing
Chapter 8: Quality Assurance
Chapter 9: Quality Standards
Chapter 10: Reducing the Number of Test Cases
Chapter 11: Test Management and Automation
Chapter 12:A Case Study on Testing of E-Learning Management Systems
Chapter 13: Object-Oriented Testing
Chapter 14: The Game Testing Process
Chapter 15: Basic Test Plan Template
Chapter 16: Game Testing By the Numbers
Appendix A: Quality Assurance and Testing Tools
Appendix B: Sample Project Description
Appendix C: Glossary
Appendix D. Bibliography

Software Quality Assurance A Self-Teaching Introduction

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