Senior Engineer Mindset

Senior Engineer Mindset ebookLearn how to become a *true* Senior Engineer
Get promoted, earn a bigger salary, work for top companies
Learn how to become a *true* Senior Engineer.Get promoted, earn a bigger salary, work for top companies

Are you tired of baAuthor:sitting from your boss? Do you want more autonomy? Looking to solve bigger challenges? Dreaming of those $300,000+/year compensation packages?

You’re not alone.

Getting the senior title is easy – just stick around. But to be a true senior, you need a new way of thinking that goes beyond the code. That’s what unlocks your career.
How I approach technical decisions, writing code, and own outcomes has changed. A lot.

Here’s what’s included:

Why senior engineers get nothing done
What makes you a senior software engineer anyway?
Computer science is not software engineering
Your career needs a vision
Working IN your career vs. ON your career
What a hockey legend can teach you about career development
How to grow as a senior engineer or why I got a new job
Why engineers are worth so much
Why you should talk about engineering salaries
Should you work at a startup
Should you take a pay cut for equity
What I learned while 6x-ing my income in 4 years
What if engineers were paid like athletes
How to make what you’re worth even if you’re from the wrong country
4 years of coding in San Francisco, lessons learned
Building software is a distraction
DO more work less
What’s more productive, a team or a talented soloist?
How to succeed as a lead engineer – tactics and mindsets from practice
How to own projects like a senior engineer
How Grit supercharges your career
Why programmers work at night
My favorite lessons from Pragmatic Programmer
Why great engineers hack The Process
HOW great engineers hack The Process
What I learned from Software Engineering at google


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