Practical Guide for Oracle SQL, T-SQL and MySQL

Practical Guide for Oracle SQL, T-SQL and MySQL
By 作者: Preston Zhang
ISBN-10 书号: 113810518X
ISBN-13 书号: 9781138105188
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-11-09
pages 页数: (202 )


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SQL is a widely used to access most databases, therefore database developers and system administrators should be familiar with it. This hands-on SQL book will help beginner and intermediate users to write queries that apply complex conditions on a table. The book’s unique side by side approach makes it easy for the reader to learn three major query languages in the IT industry. The author has over 20 years of experience in database design.

Contains numerous practical screenshots of Oracle SQL, T-SQL, MySQL statements and results.
Shows the differences between Oracle SQL, T-SQL and MySQL side by side.
Gives a real world experience for SQL developers and database administrators.
Sample data is available to work on (available on our website).

Chapter 1:Introduction to SQL and Relational Databases
Chapter 2:Data Types
Chapter 3:Installation of Oracle,SQL Server and MySQL
Chapter 4:Database Development Tools
Chapter 5:Data Definition Language(DDL)
Chapter 6:Data Manipulation Language(DML)
Chapter 7:Aggregate Functions and GROUP BY Clause
Chapter 8:Functions
Chapter 9:Advanced SQL
Chapter 10:Joins
Chapter 11:Views
Chapter 12:Data lmport and Export
Chapter 13:Stored Procedures
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