Living Documentation Continuous Knowledge Sharing by Design

Living Documentation: Continuous Knowledge Sharing by Design
By 作者: Cyrille Martraire
ISBN-10 书号: 0134689321
ISBN-13 书号: 9780134689326
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-06-14
pages 页数: (480 )

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Use an Approach Inspired by Domain-Driven Design to Build Documentation That Evolves to Maximize Value Throughout Your Development Lifecycle
Software documentation can come to life, stay dynamic, and actually help you build better software. Writing for developers, coding architects, and other software professionals, Living Documentation shows how to create documentation that evolves throughout your entire design and development lifecycle.
Through patterns, clarifying illustrations, and concrete examples, Cyrille Martraire demonstrates how to use well-crafted artifacts and automation to dramatically improve the value of documentation at minimal extra cost. Whatever your domain, language, or technologies, you don’t have to choose between working software and comprehensive, high-quality documentation: you can have both.

Extract and augment available knowledge, and make it useful through living curation
Automate the creation of documentation and diagrams that evolve as knowledge changes
Use development tools to refactor documentation
Leverage documentation to improve software designs
Introduce living documentation to new and legacy environments


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Chapter 1:Rethinking Documentation
Chapter 2:Behavior-Driven Development as an Example of Living Specifications
Chapter 3:Knowledge Exploitation
Chapter 4:Knowledge Augmentation
Chapter 5:Living Curation:Identifying Authoritative Knowledge
Chapter 6:Automating Documentation
Chapter 7:Runtime Documentation
Chapter 8:Refactorable Documentation
Chapter 9:Stable Documentation
Chapter 10:Avoiding Traditional Documentation
Chapter 11:Beyond Documentation:Living Design
Chapter 12:Living Architecture Documentation
Chapter 13:Introducing Living Documentation to a New Environment
Chapter 14:Documenting Legacy Applications
Chapter 15:Extra:Conspicuous Documentation
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Living Documentation Continuous Knowledge Sharing by Design

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