Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets

Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets
Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets
By 作者: Alberto Fernández – Salvador García – Mikel Galar – Ronaldo C. Prati – Bartosz Krawczyk – Francisco Herrera
ISBN-10 书号: 3319980734
ISBN-13 书号: 9783319980737
Edition 版本: 1st ed. 2018
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-10-23
pages 页数: (377 )


This book provides a general and comprehensible overview of imbalanced learning. It contains a formal description of a problem, and focuses on its main features, and the most relevant proposed solutions. Additionally, it considers the different scenarios in Data Science for which the imbalanced classification can create a real challenge.
This book stresses the gap with standard classification tasks by reviewing the case studies and ad-hoc performance metrics that are applied in this area. It also covers the different approaches that have been traditionally applied to address the binary skewed class distribution. Specifically, it reviews cost-sensitive learning, data-level preprocessing methods and algorithm-level solutions, taking also into account those ensemble-learning solutions that embed any of the former alternatives. Furthermore, it focuses on the extension of the problem for multi-class problems, where the former classical methods are no longer to be applied in a straightforward way.
This book also focuses on the data intrinsic characteristics that are the main causes which, added to the uneven class distribution, truly hinders the performance of classification algorithms in this scenario. Then, some notes on data reduction are provided in order to understand the advantages related to the use of this type of approaches.
Finally this book introduces some novel areas of study that are gathering a deeper attention on the imbalanced data issue. Specifically, it considers the classification of data streams, non-classical classification problems, and the scalability related to Big Data. Examples of software libraries and modules to address imbalanced classification are provided.
This book is highly suitable for technical professionals, senior undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of data science, computer science and engineering. It will also be useful for scientists and researchers to gain insight on the current developments in this area of study, as well as future research directions.

Front Matter
1.Introduction to KDD and Data Science
2.Foundations on Imbalanced Classification
3.Performance Measures
4.Cost-Sensitive Learning
5.Data Level Preprocessing Methods
6.Algorithm-Level Approaches
7.Ensemble Learning
8.Imbalanced Classification with Multiple Classes
9.Dimensionality Reduction for lmbalanced Learning
10.Data Intrinsic Characteristics
11.Learning from lImbalanced Data Streams
12.Non-classical lmbalanced Classification Problems
13.Imbalanced Classification for Big Data
14.Software and Libraries for Imbalanced Classification

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