Handbook of Signal Processing Systems,3rd Edition

Handbook of Signal Processing Systems
ISBN-10 书号:3319917331
ISBN-13 书号:9783319917337
Edition 版次:3rd ed. 2019
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-10-13
pages 页数:1210 pages

n this new edition of the Handbook of Signal Processing Systems,many of the chapters from the previous editions have been updated,and several new chapters have been added. The new contributions include chapters on signal processing methods for light field displays,throughput analysis of dataflow graphs,modeling for reconfigurable signal processing systems,fast Fourier transform architectures,deep neural networks,programmable architectures for histogram of oriented gradients processing,high dynamic range video coding,system-on-chip architectures for data analytics,analysis of finite word-length effects in fixed-point systems,and models of architecture.
There are more than 700 tables and illustrations; in this edition over 300 are in color.
This new edition of the handbook is organized in three parts. Part I motivates representative applications that drive and apply state-of-the art methods for design and implementation of signal processing systems; Part II discusses architectures for implementing these applications; and Part III focuses on compilers,as well as models of computation and their associated design tools and methodologies.

Part l.Applications
Signal Processing Methods for Light Field Displays
Inertial Sensors and Their Applications
Finding It Now:Networked Classifiers in Real-Time Stream Mining Systems
Deep Neural Networks:A Signal Processing Perspective
High Dynamic Range Video Coding
Signal Processing for Control
MPEG Reconfigurable Video Coding
Signal Processing for Wireless Transceivers
Signal Processing for Radio Astronomy
Distributed Smart Cameras and Distributed Computer Vision
Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Aray Architectures
High Performance Stream Processing on FPGA
Application-Specific Accelerators for Communications
System-on-Chip Architectures for Data Analytics
Architectures for Stereo Vision
Hardware architectures for the fast Fourier transform
Programmable Architectures for Histogram of Oriented Gradients Processing
Partll.Design Methods and Tools
Methods and Tools for Mapping Process Networks onto Multi-Processor Systems-On-Chip
Intermediate representations for simulation and implementation
Throughputanalysis of dataflow graphs
Dataflow Modeling for Reconfigurable Signal Processing Systems
Integrated Modeling Using Finite State Machines and Dataflow Graphs
Kahn Process Networks and a Reactive Extension
Decidable Signal Processing Dataflow Graphs
Systolic Arrays
Compiling for VLW DSPs
Software Compilation Techniques for Heterogeneous Embedded Multi-Core Systems
Analysis of Finite Word-Length Effects in Fixed-Point Systems
Models of Architecture for DSP Systems
Optimization of Number Representations
Dynamic Dataflow Graphs

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