Beginning SVG: A Practical Introduction to SVG using Real-World Examples

Beginning SVG: A Practical Introduction to SVG using Real-World Examples
By 作者: Alex Libby
ISBN-10 书号: 1484237595
ISBN-13 书号: 9781484237595
Edition 版本: 1st ed.
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-09-07
Pages 页数: 298

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Develop SVG functionality for use within websites quickly and natively, using basic tools such as HTML and CSS. This book is a project-oriented guide to creating and manipulating scalable vector graphics in the browser for websites or online applications, using little more than a text editor or free software, and the power of JavaScript.
You’ll use a starting toolset to incorporate into your existing workflow, develop future projects, and reduce any dependency on graphics applications for simple projects. This book is an excellent resource for getting acquainted with creating and manipulating SVG content.
We live in an age where speed and simplicity are of the essence. Beginning SVG provides a perfect alternative when creating web-based projects that challenges the norm and encourages you to expand your resources and not resort to what “everyone else uses” (such as Illustrator). You’ll discover that there is indeed a different way to achieve the same result. Stop thinking you must always resort to using graphics packages; there is always another way!
What You’ll Learn
Create powerful, optimized content that can be quickly and easily manipulated within the browser
Get up to speed with SVG quickly, with minimal effort and maximum results
See how easy it is to apply SVG content and effects, without the need for lots of additional tools.
Who This Book Is For
Website developers and agile development teams who are keen to learn how to add and manipulate SVG quickly.

Partl.Getting Started
1.Introducing SVG
2.Adding SVG Content to a Page
Part ll.In More Detail
3.Working with lmages and Text
4.Sizing SVG
5.Creating Fiters
6.Animating Content
7.Optimizing SVG
Part ll.Putting SVG to Use
8.Creating SVG Charts
9.Incorporating SVG Libraries
10.Taking It Further

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