Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Level I

Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2019 - Level I
By 作者: Alejandro Reyes
ISBN-10 书号: 1630572209
ISBN-13 书号: 9781630572204
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-11-30
pages 页数: (750 )

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This book is intended to help new users learn the basic concepts of SOLIDWORKS and good solid modeling techniques in an easy to follow guide that includes video instruction. It is a great starting point for those new to SOLIDWORKS or as a teaching aid in classroom training to become familiar with the software’s interface, basic commands and strategies as users complete a series of models while learning different ways to accomplish a particular task.
At the end of this book, you will have a fairly good understanding of the SOLIDWORKS interface and the most commonly used commands for part modeling, assembly and detailing after completing a series of components and their 2D drawings complete with Bill of Materials.
The book focuses on the processes to complete the modeling of a part, instead of focusing on individual software commands or operations, which are generally simple enough to learn.


Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Level I 9781630572204.pdf

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