Arduino BLINK Blueprints

Arduino BLINK Blueprints
by Samarth Shah , Utsav Shah 
pages 页数: 134 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing (30 May 2016)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号: 1785284185
ISBN-13 书号: 9781785284182
Key Features
Learn to control TV backlighting using an IR remote
Get introduced to sound visualization so you are able to use sound-controlled LEDs
Build an exciting persistence of vision wand

Book Description
Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino has been used in thousands of different projects and applications by a wide range of programmers and artists, and their contributions have added up to an incredible amount of accessible knowledge that can be of great help to novices and experts alike.
Want to build exciting LED projects with Arduino? This book will be your companion to bring out the creative genius in you. To begin with, you will get introduced to the maker movement and the open source hardware development Arduino boards. You will then move on to develop a mood lamp and a remote-controlled TV backlight. As you progress through the book, you will develop an LED cube and will learn to use sound visualization to develop a sound-controlled LED Christmas tree. You will then move on to build a persistence of vision wand.
At the end of each chapter, you’ll see some common problems, their solutions, and some workarounds.
What you will learn
Set up Arduino boards to run a basic ‘Hello World’ program
Develop a mood lamp and expand it to become an LED night lamp
Control TV backlight color and intensity using an IR remote
Develop an IR-controlled 4*4 LED cube
Use sound visualization to develop a sound-controlled LED Christmas tree
See a fun way to create interesting long exposure photographs and light displays using persistence of vision (POV) wands
About the Author
Samarth Shah is a software engineer by profession and maker by heart. He leads maker activities at Pune Makers and heads Infosys Robotics Club. He loves building creative/innovative prototypes using the latest hardware/sensors (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Kinect, Leap Motion, and many more) and software. He has given talks at various national and international conferences. He has authored a book on Raspberry Pi entitled Learning Raspberry Pi, Packt Publishing. During the day, he works on various data visualization techniques and UI frameworks. At night, he does blogging, reading, writing, and many more things. You can read more about him at
Utsav Shah is an instrumentation engineer who loves to work on the latest hardware as well as software technologies. He has been featured on India’s leading website and Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) for his research work on “Converting sign language into speech” using a Leap Motion controller. Apart from his regular work at Infosys Limited, he manages activities of Infosys Robotics Club. In his leisure time, he loves to read books and work on cutting-edge technologies.
Chapter 1. Getting Started With Arduino And Leds
Chapter 2. Project 1 – Led Night Lamp
Chapter 3. Project 2 – Remote Controlled Tv Backlight
Chapter 4. Project 3 – Led Cube
Chapter 5. Sound Visualization And Led Christmas Tree
Chapter 6. Persistence Of Vision
Chapter 7. Troubleshooting And Advanced Resources
Arduino是基于易于使用的硬件和软件的开源原型平台。 Arduino已经被广泛的程序员和艺术家用于数千种不同的项目和应用程序,他们的贡献增加了难以置信的可访问性知识,可以为新手和专家提供很大的帮助。
设置Arduino板,运行一个基本的“Hello World”程序
开发IR控制的4 * 4 LED立方体
Samarth Shah是一位专业和制造商的软件工程师。他在浦那制造商领导制造商活动,并领导Infosys机器人俱乐部。他喜欢使用最新的硬件/传感器(Raspberry Pi,Arduino,Kinect,Leap Motion等)和软件来构建创新/创新原型。他在各种国家和国际会议上进行了会谈。他撰写了一本关于Raspberry Pi的书,题目是“Raspberry Pi,Packt Publishing”。在白天,他负责各种数据可视化技术和UI框架。晚上,他做博客,阅读,写作等等。你可以在http://samarthshah.com上阅读更多关于他的信息。
Utsav Shah是一名仪器工程师,致力于最新的硬件和软件技术。他已经在印度领先的网站http://yourstory.in和艾哈迈达巴德镜(Times Group)上被使用Leap Motion控制器的“将手语转换成言语”的研究工作。除了在Infosys有限公司工作之外,他还负责管理Infosys Robotics Club的活动。在闲暇时,他喜欢阅读书籍和开展尖端技术。
第二章项目1 – LED夜灯
第3章项目2 – 遥控电视背光
第4章项目3 – Led Cube


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