arc42 by Example: Software Architecture Documentation in Practice 3rd Edition


Book Description
About the Book
This book contains several real-world software architectures, documented with the practical arc42 template.
You will learn about the inner workings of a chess engine, a huge CRM system, a cool web system to track biking activities and an extremely small menu-bar application.
Each of the examples starts with a brief description of the problem domain, including the quality requirements, before we explain the system context with all the external interfaces. Then we dive into an overview of the solution strategy to prepare you for the implementation building blocks and runtime scenarios (as major architectural views).
Later on we explain the crosscutting concepts of every architecture and its implementation.
You will learn that documentation can be compact, helpful and easy-to-read.
Status Decemter 2022: We just started editing a new and enhanced edition of the book. Ever reader will get this new version (our third edition) as a free update, of course!

Table of contents
I – Introduction
I.1 What is arc42?
I.2 Why this Book?
I.3 What this Book is Not
I.4 Overview of the Examples
I.5 Table of arc42 Topics
II. HTML Sanity Checking
II.1. Introduction and Goals
II.2 Constraints
II.3 System Scope and Context
II.4 Solution Strategy
II.5 Building Block View
II.6 Runtime View
II.7 Deployment view
II.8 Cross-cutting Concepts
II.9 Architecture Decisions
II.10 Quality Requirements
II.11 Risks and Technical Debt
II.12 Glossary
III – Mass Market Customer Relationship Management
III.1 Introduction and Goals
III.2 Constraints
III.3 System Scope and Context
III.4 Solution Strategy
III.5 Building Block View
III.6 Runtime View
III.7 Deployment View
III.8 Cross-Cutting Concepts
III.9 Architecture Decisions
III.10 Quality Requirements
III.11 Risks
III.12 Glossary
IV – biking2
IV.1 Introduction and Goals
IV.2 Constraints
IV.3 System Scope and Context
IV.4 Solution Strategy
IV.5 Building Block View
IV.6 Runtime View
IV.7 Deployment View
IV.8 Cross-cutting Concepts
IV.9 Architecture Decisions
IV.10 Quality Requirements
IV.11 Risks and Technical Debt
IV.12 Glossary
V – DokChess
V.1 Introduction and Goals
V.2 Constraints
V.3 System Scope and Context
V.4 Solution Strategy
V.5 Building Block View
V.6 Runtime View
V.7 Deployment View
V.8 Cross-cutting Concepts
V.9 Architecture Decisions
V.10 Quality Requirements
V.11 Risks and Technical Debts
V.12 Glossary
VI – docToolchain
VI.1 Introduction and Goals
VI.2 Constraints
VI.3 System Scope and Context
VI.4 Solution Strategy
VI.5 Building Block View
VI.6 Runtime View
VI.7 Deployment View
VI.8 Cross-cutting Concepts
VI.9 Architecture Decisions
VI.10 Quality Requirements
VI.11 Risks and Technical Debt
VI.12 Glossary
VII – Foto Max
VII.1 About this document
VII.2 Introduction and Goals
VII.3 Quality Requirements
VII.4 Constraints
VII.5 System Scope and Context
VII.6 Solution Strategy
VII.7 Building Block View
VII.8 Runtime View
VII.9 Deployment View
VII.10 Cross-cutting Concepts
VII.11 Architecture Decisions
VII.12 Risks & Technical Debt
VII.13 Glossary
VII.14 Organizational Topics
VIII – Mac-OS Menubar Application
The Authors
Gernot Starke
Hendrik Lösch
Michael Simons
Stefan Zörner
Ralf D. Müller
Contacting the Authors
Further Reading
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