Apache Solr 3 Enterprise Search Server
by David Smiley, Eric Pugh
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing
Date: 2011-11-10
ISBN-10: 1849516065
ISBN-13: 9781849516068
Language: English
Pages: 418
Enhance your search with faceted navigation, result highlighting, relevancy ranked sorting, and more
Comprehensive information on Apache Solr 3 with examples and tips so you can focus on the important parts
Integration examples with databases, web-crawlers, XSLT, Java and embedded-Solr, PHP and Drupal, JavaScript, Ruby frameworks
Advice on data modeling, deployment considerations to include security, logging, and monitoring, and advice on scaling Solr and measuring performance
An update of the best-selling title on Solr 1.4

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Apache Solr 3 Enterprise Search Server


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