Windows Security Monitoring: Scenarios and Patterns

Windows Security Monitoring: Scenarios and Patterns9781119390640

Windows Security Monitoring: Scenarios and Patterns
by 作者: Andrei Miroshnikov
ISBN-10 书号: 1119390648
ISBN-13 书号: 9781119390640
Edition 版本: 1
Publisher Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-04-17
Pages: 648
Go deep into Windows security tools to implement more robust protocols and processes
Windows Security Monitoring goes beyond Windows admin and security certification guides to provide in-depth information for security professionals. Written by a Microsoft security program manager,DEFCON organizer and CISSP,this book digs deep into the underused tools that help you keep Windows systems secure. Expert guidance brings you up to speed on Windows auditing,logging,and event systems to help you exploit the full capabilities of these powerful native tools,while scenario-based instruction provides clear illustration of how these events unfold in the real world. From security monitoring and event detection to incident response procedures and best practices,this book provides detailed information on all of the security tools your Windows system has to offer.
Windows includes many native tools that can help IT professionals and security experts spot and remedy suspicious activities on servers,networks,and end-user computers. If you’re like many Windows pros,you’re probably not taking full advantage of these features. This book takes you deep into Windows’ underutilized built-in security tools to help you beef up your monitoring,detection,and response processes.
Detect anomalous events and implement centralized alerting infrastructure
Dig into the native Windows tools that enable robust security measures
Understand the details of Powershell,Applocker,LogParser,and other tools
Adopt effective incident response processes for various common scenarios
Fully applicable to a range of Windows versions—back to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008—this book is designed for real-world implementation. As the threats to your data grow more numerous by the day,it becomes ever more critical to use every security tool at your disposal. Windows Security Monitoring offers complete,expert guidance toward robust security with specialist-level use of powerful Windows tools.


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