Using MIS, Global Edition 版本


Using MIS, Global Edition 版本, 9th Edition 版本
pages: 598 pages
Edition 版本: 9th edition

Language 语言: English

Publisher 出版社: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date: 2017

ISBN-10 书号: 1292165227
ISBN-13 书号: 9781292165226
Book Description

For undergraduate Introductory Management Information Systems courses.

Help Your Students Succeed in the Most Important Course They’ll Take

As technology continues to change the way organizations do business, knowledge of MIS is critical. Using MIS shows students how organizations use information systems to solve business problems every day. Illustrative cases, exercises, projects, and other aids ensure your students connect concepts to everyday life. Unique guides in each chapter highlight themes in ethics, security, and other timely topics. The 2026? feature hypothesizes how the concepts, technology, and systems will change over the next decade to help students anticipate changes in technology and think about how those affect business.

Every year brings important new technology to organizations and the Ninth Edition 版本 reflects these trends, providing the latest MIS content available, keeping your students up to date and knowledgeable on how to apply emerging technologies to better achieve their organizations’ strategies.

Part 1: Why MIS?
Chapter 1: The Importance of MIS
Chapter 2: Collaboration Information Systems
Chapter 3: Strategy and Information Systems

Part 2: Information Technology
Chapter 4 Hardware, Software, and Mobile Systems
Chapter 5 Database Processing
Chapter 6 The Cloud

Part 3: Using IS for Competitive Advantage
Chapter 7 Processes, Organizations, and Information Systems
Chapter 8 Social Media Information Systems
Chapter 9 Business Intelligence Systems

Part 4: Information Systems Management
Chapter 10 Information Systems Security
Chapter 11 Information Systems Management
Chapter 12 Information Systems Development



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Using MIS, Global Edition, 9th Edition


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