Ultimate ASP.NET Core 3 Web API

Ultimate ASP.NET Core 3 Web API
by:Vladimir Pecanac
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2020

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Book Description
A complete, hands-on, and easy to digest program that gets you from zero to building production-ready APIs in just a few weeks
Why Learn ASP.NET Core
Web API?
Why should you invest your time and money into this program?
Ever since .NET Core 1.0 was introduced, the whole .NET ecosystem seems to have been given a new life. The framework was revitalized and now with the version 3, it has become a force to be reckoned with.

Not many technologies have achieved this level of polish, stability, maturity and speed. Creating a flexible yet stable technology is quite a feat, and that’s exactly what ASP.NET Core developers have achieved.

On top of that, REST APIs have become a defacto standard in the industry because of their ability to decouple backend and frontend parts of the application and the ability to serve thousands of clients simultaniously.

With every new version of the framework, it becomes even more popular so there is no time like now to hop on the bandwagon and start adding ASP.NET Core Web API to your skillset.


If you’ve already mastered C# and OOP concepts, this is the next logical step. If you want to learn ins and outs of web development, data modeling, persistance, security, optimization… through simple and down to earth approach…

Then this is the right book and program for you.

Bonus #1
Workbook’s main goal is to continue building on everything you’ve learned from our main book. That way you can maintain and improve your knowledge and achieve your goal of Mastering ASP.NET Core 3 Web API. You have to understand, the key to success is to put into practice everything you learn and to improve your understanding of the topic. This workbook provides exactly that for you.

Bonus #2
To make it even easier for you we made a JSON request collection that you can use to practice the knowledge and skills that you learned in our program. By Practicing on Real-World Examples, you’re making sure that you’re getting the most experienced and practical skills that can be used as an advantage on your future projects.

Bonus #3
The HTTP Reference Tables is a bonus material that will help you develop your API more quickly. We compiled everything related to HTTP so you don’t ever need to search the internet for a status code or anything else related to HTTP inside your API. By using this ebook, you’re going to save a lot of time and be more efficient.

Bonus #4
Docker is one of the greatest innovations that happened in the last few years. It has opened new horizons in software development and it spun off many innovative solutions and projects. Docker images and containers are rapidly becoming THE way to do software development.
Our main goal will be to show off the tremendous power of Docker and ASP.NET Core when combined.

Bonus #5
When we started to write our Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API book, we had one idea in our heads. How can we help our readers even more? Starting a career in software development can be hard. Being a junior developer is hard, too. But what about being your own boss and making more money than on a corporate job?
In this bonus material, we help you discover is freelancing really for you and how to maximize the opportunity of freelancing platforms.

Bonus #6
Security is important and we all know it. But due to it’s implementation complexity, security is usually put off to the end of the development cycle, and sometimes even neglected.
This leads to massive data breaches we see almost on a daily basis and that’s a tough position to be in.
So make sure your application is secure and tight, and make use of the mechanisms ASP.NET Core provides.
1 Project Configuration
2Configuring a Logging Service
3 Database Model and Repository Pattern
4 Handling GET Requests
5Global Error Handling
6 Getting Additional Resources
7 Content Negotiation
8 Method Safety and Method Idempotency
9 Creating Resources
10 Working with DELETE Requests
11 Working with PUT Requests
12 Working With PATCH Requests
13 Validation
14 Asynchronous Code
15Action Filters
16 Paging
17 Filtering
18 Searching
19 Sorting
20 Data Shaping
21 Supporting HATEOAS
22 Working with OPTIONS and HEAD Requests
23 Root Document
24Versioning APls
25 Caching
26 Rate Limiting and Throttling
27 JWT and ldentity
28 Documenting API with Swagger
29 Deployment to lIS


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