Tribe of Hackers Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World

Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World
By 作者: Marcus J. Carey - Jennifer Jin
ISBN-10 书号: 1119643376
ISBN-13 书号: 9781119643371
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-08-13
pages 页数: (400 )

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Looking for real-world advice from leading cybersecurity experts? You’ve found your tribe.
Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World is your guide to joining the ranks of hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals around the world. Whether you’re just joining the industry, climbing the corporate ladder, or considering consulting, Tribe of Hackers offers the practical know-how, industry perspectives, and technical insight you need to succeed in the rapidly growing information security market. This unique guide includes inspiring interviews from 70 security experts, including Lesley Carhart, Ming Chow, Bruce Potter, Robert M. Lee, and Jayson E. Street.

Get the scoop on the biggest cybersecurity myths and misconceptions about security
Learn what qualities and credentials you need to advance in the cybersecurity field
Uncover which life hacks are worth your while
Understand how social media and the Internet of Things has changed cybersecurity
Discover what it takes to make the move from the corporate world to your own cybersecurity venture
Find your favorite hackers online and continue the conversation
Tribe of Hackers is a must-have resource for security professionals who are looking to advance their careers, gain a fresh perspective, and get serious about cybersecurity with thought-provoking insights from the world’s most noteworthy hackers and influential security specialists.
Chapter 1. Marcus J. Carey
Chapter2. lan Anderson
Chapter 3. Andrew Bagrin
Chanter A 7ate Rera
hanter5Chenl Bioa.
hapter 2. chelyl bbwas
chapter 6. Keirsten Brager
IapEI· Wall W
chapter s. kyle bupp
Chapter 9. Lesley Carhart
Chapter 10. Lee Carsten
Chapter 11. Whitney Champion
Chapter 12. Ming Chow
Chapter 13. Jim Christy
Chapter 14. lan Coldwater
Chapter 15. Dan Cornell
Chapter 16. Kim Crawley
Chapter 17. Emily Crose
Chapter 18. Daniel Crowley
Chapter 19. Winnona DeSombre
Chapter 20. Ryan Dewhurst
Chapter 21. Deidre Diamond
Chapter22Ren ponnelly
chanter 23 Kimber powcet
Chapter 24Ronald Fddinas
Chanter)61H0 Ee
Chapter 26. Kobert Graham
Chapter 27. Claudio Guarnieri
Chapter z5. kon Gula
Chapter 29. Jennifer Havermann
Chapter 30. Teuta Hyseni
Chapter 31. Terence Jackson
Chapter 32. Ken Johnson
Chapter 33. David Kennedy
Chapter 34. Michelle Klinger
Chapter 35. Marina Krotofl
Chapter 36. Sami Laiho
Chapter 37. Robert M. Lee
Chapter 38. Kelly Lum
Chapter 39. Tracy Z. Malee
Chapter 40. Andy Malone
Chapter 41. Jefrey Man
Chapter 42. Jim Manico
Chapter A3Kvlie Martonik
Chapter 44. Christina Moril.
C. IEW..M.L.
Chapter 46. Wendy Nather
Chapter 47. Charles Nwatu
Chapter 48. Davi Ottenheimer
Chapter 49. Brandon Pery
Chapter 50. Bruce Potter
Chapter 51. Edward Prevost
Chapter 52. Steve Ragan
Chapter 53. Stephen A. Ridley
Chapter 54. Tony Robinson
Chapter 55. David Rook
Chapter 56. Guillaume Ross
Chapter 57. Brad Schaufenbuel
Chapter 58. Chinyere Schwartz
Chapter 59. Khalil Sehnaoui
Chapter 60. Astha Singhal
Chapter 61. Dua Song
Chapter 62. Jayson E. Stree
Chanter 6a. Ben Ten
…. cc D.L. Go.
Chapter 66 Robert "TProphet"Waker
Chapter 67. Georgia Weidman
Chapter 68. Jake Williams
Chapter 69. Robert Wilis
Chapter 70. Robin Wood


Tribe of Hackers

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