The Python Journeyman
By 作者: Robert Smallshire, Austin Bingham
Pub Date: 2018
ISBN: 9788293483045
Pages: 429
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 10 Mb
One of Python’s strengths is that it’s approachable and easy to learn, so that almost anyone can learn to write a basic Python program. The Python Journeyman will take you beyond that, beyond the basics. We will lead you through some of the deeper aspects of Python, and give you the skills you need to write great Python programs.
The Python Journeyman is the second book in our trilogy covering the core Python language. The material in these books is derived from Sixty North’s popular and battle-tested training courses which have led thousands of programmers on a journey to being productive with Python.
Our books, which use Python 3, follow a spiral curriculum: We introduce topics gently and then revisit them on multiple occasions to add the depth required to support your progression as a Python developer. We’ve worked hard to structure the syllabus to avoid forward references. On only a few occasions do we require you to accept techniques on trust, before explaining them later; where we do, it’s to deliberately establish good habits.

The Python Journeyman 9788293483045.pdf

The Python Journeyman


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