The Opinionated Guide to React

The Opinionated Guide to React

This book is my personal map of the tips, power-ups and not-so-obvious solutions to common questions and problems that I’ve come across during 4 years of React development. I have been finding some of the cheat codes and share them with you.

Step-Author:-step code examples
Every recipe comes with companion code examples that walk you through common React cross-roads. All the examples are hosted on CodeSandbox so that you can edit and play around with them.

I want to start Author: saying that this book will not teach you how to use React from scratch, and it also won’t teach you some advanced diffing algorithm.

The target audience isn’t really about experience in this book, I wrote this for anyone who sometimes feels like they need a map to navigate the React world.

I will share my knowledge and things that I have used through all my years of React, my opinions on several packages, and ways of making things, I will share what helped me so that it can hopefully, help you.

There will be opinions you don’t agree with, and that’s okay. We are all different, and we all build things differently. What I want you to get out of this book is a way to find possible paths, make sense of the tools, concepts, and packages you come across while building things with React, and to help making you feel confident enough to do a project from start to end or to speak up in a company meeting with your idea.


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