The Human Element of Big Data: Issues, Analytics, and Performance

The Human Element of Big Data: Issues, Analytics, and Performance9781498754156

The Human Element of Big Data: Issues, Analytics, and Performance

ISBN-10 书号: 1498754155
ISBN-13 书号: 9781498754156
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2016-09-30
Pages 页数: 363

The proposed book talks about the participation of human in Big Data.How human as a component of system can help in making the decision process easier and vibrant.It studies the basic build structure for big data and also includes advanced research topics.In the field of Biological sciences, it comprises genomic and proteomic data also. The book swaps traditional data management techniques with more robust and vibrant methodologies that focus on current requirement and demand through human computer interfacing in order to cope up with present business demand. Overall, the book is divided in to five parts where each part contains 4-5 chapters on versatile domain with human side of Big Data.
Section I:Introduction to the Human Element of Big Data:Definition,New
Trends,and Methodologies
1:Taming the Realm of Big Data Analytics:Acclamation or Disaffection?
2:Fast Data Analytics Stack for Big Data Analytics
3:Analytical Approach for Big Data in the Internet of Things
4:Analysis of Costing lssues in Big Data
Section l:Algorithms and Applications of Advancement in Big Data
5:An Analysis of Algorithmic Capability and Organizational Impact
6:Big Data and Its Impact on Enterprise Architecture
7:Supportive Architectural Analysis for Big Data
8:Clustering Algorithms for Big Data:A Survey
Section ll:Future Research and Scope for the Human Element of Big Data
9:Smart Everything:Opportunities,Challenges,and Impact
10:Social Media and Big Data
11:Big Data Integration,Privacy,and Security
12:Paradigm Shifts from E-Governance to S-Governance
Section IV:Case Studies for the Human Element of Big Data:Analytics and
13:Interactive Visual Analysis of Traffic Big Data
14:Prospect of Big Data Technologies in Healthcare
15:Big Data Suite for Market Prediction and Reducing Complexity Using
Bloom Filter
16:Big Data Architecture for Climate Change and Disease Dynamics


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