The C# Player’s Guide, 3rd Edition

The C# Player's Guide (3rd Edition)


The C# Player’s Guide (3rd Edition)

By 作者: RB Whitaker
ISBN-10 书号: 0985580135
ISBN-13 书号: 9780985580131
Edition 版本: 3
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2016-03-13
pages 页数: 406


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The C# Player’s Guide (3rd Edition) is the ultimate guide for people starting out with C#, whether you are new to programming, or an experienced vet. This guide takes you from your journey’s beginning, through the most challenging parts of programming in C#, and does so in a way that is casual, informative, and fun. This version of the book is updated for C# 7.0 and Visual Studio 2017 Get off the ground quickly, with a gentle introduction to C#, Visual Studio, and a step-by-step walkthrough and explanation of how to make your first C# program. Learn the fundamentals of procedural programming, including variables, math operations, decision making, looping, methods, and an in-depth look at the C# type system. Delve into object-oriented programming, from start to finish, including inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, and generics. Explore some of the most useful advanced features of C#, and take on some of the most common tasks that a programmer will tackle. Learn to control the tools and tricks of programming in C#, including the .NET framework, dealing with compiler errors, and hunting down bugs in your program. Master the needed skills by taking on a large collection of Try It Out! challenges, to ensure that you’ve learned the things you need to. With this guide, you’ll soon be off to save the world (or take over it) with your own awesome C# programs!
Part 1: Getting Started
Chapter 1. The C# Programming Language
Chapter 2. Installing Visual Studio
Chapter 3. Hello World: Your First C# Program
Chapter 4. Comments
Part 2: The Basics
Chapter 5. Variables
Chapter 6. The C# Type System
Chapter 7. Basic Math
Chapter 8. User Input
Chapter 9. More Math
Chapter 10. Decision Making
Chapter 11. Switch Statements
Chapter 12. Looping
Chapter 13. Arrays
Chapter 14. Enumerations
Chapter 15. Methods
Chapter 16. Value And Reference Types
Part 3: Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 17. Object-Oriented Basics
Chapter 18. Making Your Own Classes
Chapter 19. Properties
Chapter 20. Tic-Tac-Toe
Chapter 21. Structs
Chapter 22. Inheritance
Chapter 23. Polymorphism, Virtual Methods, And Abstract Classes
Chapter 24. Interfaces
Chapter 25. Using Generics
Chapter 26. Making Generic Types
Part 4: Advanced Topics
Chapter 27. Namespaces And Using Directives
Chapter 28. Methods Revisited
Chapter 29. Reading And Writing Files
Chapter 30. Error Handling And Exceptions
Chapter 31. Pattern Matching
Chapter 32. Delegates
Chapter 33. Events
Chapter 34. Operator Overloading
Chapter 35. Indexers
Chapter 36. Extension Methods
Chapter 37. Lambda Expressions
Chapter 38. Query Expressions
Chapter 39. Threads
Chapter 40. Asynchronous Programming
Chapter 41. Dynamic Objects
Chapter 42. Unsafe Code
Chapter 43. Other Features In C#
Part 5: Mastering the Tools
Chapter 44. The .Net Platform
Chapter 45. Getting The Most From Visual Studio
Chapter 46. Dependencies And Multiple Projects
Chapter 47. Handling Common Compiler Errors
Chapter 48. Debugging Your Code
Chapter 49. How Your Project Files Are Organized
Part 6: Wrapping Up
Chapter 50. Try It Out!
Chapter 51. What’S Next?

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