Starting out with Visual C#, 5th Edition

Starting out with Visual C# (5th Edition) 5th Edition
by:Tony Gaddis
Series:Starting Out With
pages 页数:960 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Pearson; 5 edition (April 9, 2019)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:0135183510
ISBN-13 书号:9780135183519

Book Description
Motivate students with clear, down-to-earth explanations and familiar graphical elements
Starting Out With Visual C# is an ideal introductory Visual C# text for students with no prior programming experience. Students who are new to programming will appreciate the clear, down-to-earth explanations and the detailed walk-throughs that are provided by:the hands-on tutorials. Gaddis’s hallmark, step-by:-step instructions are supported by:a GUI-based approach that motivates students as they learn to create GUI-based, event-driven, Visual C# applications. Topics are examined progressively in each chapter, with objects taught before classes. The 5th Edition adds an abundance of new material and improvements with updates for compatibility with Visual Studio 2017. Two new chapters include Chapter 13:Delegates and Lambda Expressions and Chapter 14:Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).
Attention Students
Chapter 1 lntroduction to Computers and Programming
Chapter 2 Introduction to Visual C#
Chapter 3 Processing Data
Chapter 4 Making Decisions
Chapter 5 Loops,Files,and Random Numbers
Chapter 6Modularizing Your Code with Methods
Chapter 7 Arrays and Lists
Chapter 8Text Processing
Chapter 9 Structures,Enumerated Types,and Dictionaries
Chapter 10 Introduction to Classes
Chapter 11 Inheritance,Polymorphism,and Interfaces
Chapter 12Databases
Chapter 13 Delegates,Anonymous Methods,and Lambda Expressions
Chapter 14 Language-Integrated Query(LINQ)
Appendix A C#Primitive Data Types
Appendix B Additional User Interface Controls
Appendix CASCll/Unicode Characters
Appendix D Answers to Checkpoint Questions
Appendix E Installing LINQ to SQL Classes in Visual Studio


Starting out with Visual C#, 5th Edition

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