Software Technology: 10 Years of Innovation in IEEE Computer

Software Technology: 10 Years of Innovation in IEEE Computer
ISBN-10 书号: 111917421X
ISBN-13 书号: 9781119174219
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-09-19
pages 页数: (384
A comprehensive collection of influential articles from one of IEEE Computer magazine’s most popular columns
This book is a compendium of extended and revised publications that have appeared in the “Software Technologies” column of IEEE Computer magazine, which covers key topics in software engineering such as software development, software correctness and related techniques, cloud computing, self-managing software and self-aware systems. Emerging properties of software technology are also discussed in this book, which will help refine the developing framework for creating the next generation of software technologies and help readers predict future developments and challenges in the field.
Software Technology provides guidance on the challenges of developing software today and points readers to where the best advances are being made. Filled with one insightful article after another, the book serves to inform the conversation about the next wave of software technology advances and applications. In addition, the book:
Introduces the software landscape and challenges associated with emerging technologies
Covers the life cycle of software products, including concepts, requirements, development, testing, verification, evolution, and security
Contains rewritten and updated articles by leaders in the software industry
Covers both theoretical and practical topics
Informative and thought-provoking throughout, Software Technology is a valuable book for everyone in the software engineering community that will inspire as much as it will teach all who flip through its pages.


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