Software Engineering and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems

Software Engineering and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems:Proceedings of 7th Computer Science On-line Conference 2018,Volume 1 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing)Software Engineering and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems:Proceedings of 7th Computer Science On-line Conference 2018,Volume 1 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing)
ISBN-10 书号:3319911856
ISBN-13 书号:9783319911854
Edition 版次:1st ed. 2019
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Chapter 1. The Digitization of Society – Case of Specific Chosen State Alliance of Four Central European States
Chapter 2. An Efficient Security System in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Against Network Intrusion
Chapter 3. FMHT:A Novel Framework for Mitigating Hidden Terminal Issue in Wireless Mesh Network
Chapter 4. Recursive Algorithm for Exhaustive Search of Possible Multiversion Software Realizations with the Ch ...
Chapter 5. Noise Detection and Elimination by Using Analytical Approach
Chapter 6. A Novel Experimental Prototype for Assessing IoT Performance on Real-Time Analytics
Chapter 7. FAN:Framework for Authentication of Nodes in Mobile Adhoc Environment of Internet-of-Things
Chapter 8. Towards a Conceptual Model of Intelligent Information System for Smart Tourism Destinations
Chapter 9. An Integrated Schema for Efficient Face Recognition in Social Networking Platforms
Chapter 10. Functional Specification to Support Security Risk Assessment of Large Systems
Chapter 11. The Way of Quality Management of the Decision Making Software Systems Development
Chapter 12. An IoT Approach to Positioning of a Robotic Vehicle
Chapter 13. Preparing Influence Analysis of Meteoparameters on Production Process
Chapter 14. Data Model Design in Automatic Transit System (PRT) Simulation Software
Chapter 15. Patch-Based Denoising with K-Nearest Neighbor and SVD for Microarray Images
Chapter 16. Hypervisors Comparison and Their Performance Testing
Chapter 17. The Multicriteria Model Support to Decision in the Evaluation of Service Quality in Customer Service
Chapter 18. Intelligent Method of Reconfiguring the Mechanical Transport System
Chapter 19. Efficient Load Balancing and Multicasting for Uncertain-Source SDN:Real-Time Link-Cost Monitoring
Chapter 20. Decision Trees Accuracy Improvement for Production Errors Classification
Chapter 21. The Computational Structure of the Quantum Computer Simulator and Its Performance Evaluation
Chapter 22. Integration of Production Line with the Wonderware Platform
Chapter 23. The Semantic Models of Arctic Zone Legal Acts Visualization for Express Content Analysis
Chapter 24. Proposal of a DTN Routing Scheme for Educational Social Networks in Developing Countries
Chapter 25. Fetal Hypoxia Detection Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning Approach
Chapter 26. Analysis of Causes for Differences in Modeling Results of Multi-hop Wireless Networks Using Various Network Simulators
Chapter 27. Pattern Lock Evaluation Framework for Mobile Devices:Memorizability and Timing Issues
Chapter 28. On Finding Model Smells Based on Code Smells
Chapter 29. Synthesis of Intellectual Tools to Support Models Translation for Mobile Robotic Platforms
Chapter 30. The Tool for the Innovation Activity Ontology Creation and Visualization
Chapter 31. Modeling and Performance Analysis of Priority Queuing Systems
Chapter 32. Method of User Interface Design Based on Semantic Approach
Chapter 33. Embedded Software Monitoring Using Pulse Width Modulation as a Communication Channel for Low Pin Count Microcontroller Applications
Chapter 34. Synthesis of the Life Cycle Stages of Information Systems Development
Chapter 35. Towards Requirements Engineering Process for Self-adaptive Embedded Systems
Chapter 36. An Approach to Develop Software that Uses Blockchain
Chapter 37. Metrics in Software Development and Evolution with Design Patterns
Chapter 38. Design and Validation of a Scheme of Infrastructure of Servers,Under the PPDIOO Methodology,in the ...
Chapter 39. Accelerating Massive Astronomical Cross-Match Based on Roaring Bitmap over Parallel Database System
Chapter 40. Proposal of the Methodology for Identification of Repetitive Sequences in Big Data
Chapter 41. Computing Importance Value of Medical Data Parameters in Classification Tasks and Its Evaluation Usi ...
Chapter 42. The Concept of Constructing the Designer for Processes of Algorithms
Chapter 43. The Method of Forming Contents for a NoSQL Storage of Configurable Information System
Chapter 44. Computation of Nonlinear Free-Surface Flows Using the Method of Fundamental Solutions
Chapter 45. Quality of Service for Aggregated VoIP Streams
Chapter 46. Improving Case Based Software Effort Estimation Using a Multi-criteria Decision Technique
Chapter 47. Automated Logical-Probabilistic Methodology and Software Tool as Component of the Complex of Methodologies and Software Tools for Evaluation of Reliability and Survivability of Onboard Equipment of Small Satellites
Chapter 48. A Multicriteria Structured Model to Assist the Course Offering Assertiveness
Chapter 49. Algorithms for Congestion Control in LTE Mobile Networks

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