Software-Defined Networking (SDN) with OpenStack

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) with OpenStack
by Sriram Subramanian (Author), Sreenivas Voruganti (Author)
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing (28 Oct. 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 178646599X
ISBN-13: 9781786465993


Chapter 1. Openstack Networking In A Nutshell
Chapter 2. Introduction To Software-Defined Networking
Chapter 3. Sdn Protocols
Chapter 4. Sdn Networking With Open Vswitch
Chapter 5. Getting Started With Opendaylight
Chapter 6. Using Opendaylight With Openstack
Chapter 7. Getting Started With Opencontrail
Chapter 8. Opencontrail Networking With Openstack
Chapter 9. Open Network Operating System (Onos)
Chapter 10. Ovn And Open Vswitch Enhancements
Leverage the best SDN technologies for your OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure
About This Book
Learn how to leverage critical SDN technologies for OpenStack Networking APIs via plugins and drivers
Champion the skills of achieving complete SDN with OpenStack with specific use cases and capabilities only covered in this title
Discover exactly how you could implement cost-effective OpenStack SDN integration for your organization
Who This Book Is For
Administrators, and cloud operators who would like to implement Software Defined Networking on OpenStack clouds. Some prior experience of network infrastructure and networking concepts is assumed.
What You Will Learn
Understand how OVS is used for Overlay networks
Get familiar with SDN Controllers with Architectural details and functionalities
Create core ODL services and understand how OpenDaylight integrates with OpenStack to provide SDN capabilities
Understand OpenContrail architecture and how it supports key SDN functionality such as Service Function Chaining (SFC) along with OpenStack
Explore Open Network Operating System (ONOS) – a carrier grade SDN platform embraced by the biggest telecom service providers
Learn about upcoming SDN technologies in OpenStack such as Dragonflow and OVN
In Detail
Networking is one the pillars of OpenStack and OpenStack Networking are designed to support programmability and Software-Defined Networks. OpenStack Networking has been evolving from simple APIs and functionality in Quantum to more complex capabilities in Neutron.
Armed with the basic knowledge, this book will help the readers to explore popular SDN technologies, namely, OpenDaylight (ODL), OpenContrail, Open Network Operating System (ONOS) and Open Virtual Network (OVN).
The first couple of chapters will provide an overview of OpenStack Networking and SDN in general. Thereafter a set of chapters are devoted to OpenDaylight (ODL), OpenContrail and their integration with OpenStack Networking. The book then introduces you to Open Network Operating System (ONOS) which is fast becoming a carrier grade SDN platform. We will conclude the book with overview of upcoming SDN projects within OpenStack namely OVN and Dragonflow.
By the end of the book, the readers will be familiar with SDN technologies and know how they can be leveraged in an OpenStack based cloud.
Style and approach
A hands-on practical tutorial through use cases and examples for Software Defined Networking with OpenStack.
了解如何通过插件和驱动程序将关键的SDN技术用于OpenStack Networking API
了解您如何为您的组织实施经济高效的OpenStack SDN集成
探索开放网络操作系统(ONOS) – 由最大的电信服务提供商所接受的载波级SDN平台
网络是OpenStack和OpenStack网络的支柱之一,旨在支持可编程性和软件定义网络。 OpenStack Networking已经从Quantum中的简单API和功能演变为Neutron中更复杂的功能。
掌握基础知识,本书将有助于读者探索OpenDaylight(ODL),OpenContrail,开放网络操作系统(ONOS)和Open Virtual Network(OVN)等流行的SDN技术。
前几章将概述OpenStack Networking和SDN。此后,一组章节专门用于OpenDaylight(ODL),OpenContrail及其与OpenStack Networking的集成。本书然后介绍了开放网络操作系统(ONOS),该系统正快速成为运营商级SDN平台。我们将在OpenStack即将推出的SDN项目(OVN和Dragonflow)中概述本书。

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