Soft Skills:The Software Developer’s Life Manual,2nd Edition

Title:Soft Skills:The Software Developer’s Life Manual,2nd Edition
by:John Sonmez
pages 页数:547 pages
Edition 版次:2
Language 语言:English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:LLC,Simple Programmer
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2020-11-10
ISBN-10 书号:B08N9KTYW6

Book Description

Book Description
For most software developers,coding is the fun part. The hard bits are dealing with clients,peers,and managers and staying productive,achieving financial security,keeping yourself in shape,and finding true love. This book is here to help.

Soft Skills:The Software Developer's Life Manual is a guide to a well-rounded,satisfying life as a technology professional. In it,developer and life coach John Sonmez offers advice to developers on important subjects like career and productivity,personal finance and investing,and even fitness and relationships. Arranged as a collection of 71 short chapters,this fun listen invites you to dip in wherever you like. A "Taking Action" section at the end of each chapter tells you how to get quick results. Soft Skills will help make you a better programmer,a more valuable employee,and a happier,healthier person


Soft Skills The Software Developers Life Manual 2nd Edition

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