SAS Certified Professional Prep Guide:Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4

SAS Certified Professional Prep Guide:Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4
pages 页数:430 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:SAS Institute (October 16,2019)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1642954675
ISBN-13 书号:9781642954678

Book Description
The official guide by:the SAS Global Certification Program,SAS Certified Professional Prep Guide:Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4 prepares you to take the new SAS 9.4 Advanced Programming Performance-Based Exam.
New in this edition is a workbook whose sample scenarios require you to write code to solve problems and answer questions. Answers to the chapter quizzes and solutions to the sample scenarios in the workbook are included. You will also find links to exam objectives,practice exams,and other resources such as the Base SAS Glossary and a list of practice data sets. Major topics include SQL processing,SAS macro language processing,and advanced SAS programming techniques.
All exam topics are covered in the following chapters:
SQL Processing with SAS

PROC SQL Fundamentals
Creating and Managing Tables
Joining Tables Using PROC SQL
Joining Tables Using Set Operators
Using Subqueries
Advanced SQL Techniques
SAS Macro Language Processing

Creating and Using Macro Variables
Storing and Processing Text
Working with Macro Programs
Advanced Macro Techniques
Advanced SAS Programming Techniques

Defining and Processing Arrays
Processing Data Using Hash Objects
Using SAS Utility Procedures
Using Advanced Functions
Practice Programming Scenarios (Workbook)

Using Sample Data
Accessibility Features of the Prep Guide
How to Prepare for the Exam
Chapter 1:PROC SQL Fundamentals
Chapter 2:Creating and Managing Tables
Chapter 3:Joining Tables Using PROC SQL
Chapter 4:Joining Tables Using Set Operators
Chapter 5:Using Subqueries
Chapter 6:Advanced SQL Techniques
Chapter 7:Creating and Using Macro Variables
Chapter 8:Storing and Processing Text
Chapter 9.Working with Macro Programs
Chapter 10:Advanced Macro Techniques
Chapter 11:Defining and Processing Arrays
Chapter 12:Processing Data Using Hash Objects
Chapter 13:Using SAS Utility Procedures
Chapter 14:Using Advanced Functions
Chapter 15:Practice Programming Scenarios
Chapter 16.Chapter Quiz Answer Keys
Chapter 17:Programming Scenario Solutions
Recommended Reading
Additional Resources

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