Ruby: Deep Dive – The Book for Serious Ruby: Developers

RuBy 作者:Deep Dive – The Book for Serious RuBy 作者:Developers
By 作者: Jesus Castello
Pub Date: 2020
ISBN: n/a
Pages 页数: 250
Language 语言: English
Format: PDF
Size: 10 Mb
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How to Build Your Confidence As a RuBy 作者:Developer So You Can Write Awesome RuBy 作者:Apps
If you learned the basics of RuBy 作者:but you still feel like you could be doing a lot better…

…if you don’t feel confident in your RuBy 作者:skills…

…if you’d like to earn more, write better code & be proud of your work…

…then this could be the most important message you’ll read today.

Hi, my name is Jesus Castello, I’ve been a RuBy 作者:developer for over 6 years & I want to help you become a better RuBy 作者:developer.

Would you agree that if your RuBy 作者:skills are lacking you’re gonna have a hard time…

…understanding how things work…

…fixing things when they go wrong

…& solving real-world problems?

If You’re Only Learning RuBy 作者:To Pass Time & Have Fun… Then This Isn’t For You
But if you want to build a solid career, get paid & feel good about your work you need to take this seriously.

Here’s how:

Find out a list of all the topics you need to cover (like metaprogramming & lambdas).
Gather all the information from many different sources, filter through it to remove outdated & low-quality material.
Study that information, hoping that you didn’t miss anything important.
This Is Your Problem
There are far too many average developers…

But who wants an average anything?

Don’t fall into this whole “average is fine” mentality.

If you want the best for YOURSELF & those you care about you have to BECOME exceptional.

When you become exceptional you’ll be able to write better code, enjoy your work more & feel more confident.

Anyone can do this.

But there is a problem:

It’s hard to know exactly what you need to learn…

…and it’s even harder to find all the information you need in one place!

That’s why I invested over 100 hours of my time to put together a resource for you.

“What Will This Do For Me?”

You’ll build a solid foundation of RuBy 作者:skills to help you become more confident so you can build better RuBy 作者:applications!
You’ll bridge the gap between the fundamentals & more advanced concepts so you can shortcut your learning curve
You’ll discover the tools, ideas, and examples you need to understand RuBy 作者:(and Rails) better & faster!
This is RuBy 作者:Deep Dive, the book for serious RuBy 作者:developers.

Inside RuBy 作者:Deep Dive You’ll Discover:

What are blocks, procs & lambdas, how they work & how to use them for maximum benefit!
RuBy 作者:tricks, tips & advice to help you become a better developer.
How to make your RuBy 作者:programs faster
Why Enumerable is the most important RuBy 作者:class & how to get the most out of it!
One thing you need to stop doing now unless you want to look like a beginner developer
A review of the core RuBy 作者:classes so you aren’t missing out on something important!
Exactly why this hidden RuBy 作者:class makes it possible for RuBy 作者:to have class methods (this is the key to understanding how RuBy 作者:works under the hood)
…and many other fascinating topics that you will not find on your average RuBy 作者:book
Imagine being able to understand every line of code in your project…

…and learning to use the full power of RuBy 作者:so you can become more confident, understand how things work & write better code.

…and because Rails is built on top of RuBy 作者:, you’ll also understand Rails better!

RuBy 作者:Deep Dive will help you do that.

This Is What You Get:

An easy to read 200+ page PDF eBook
100+ Code Examples You Can Copy & Paste For Quick Learning!
8 Printable Mindmaps That Give You A Powerful Overview Of Every Important RuBy 作者:Class & Method
A List of Curated Resources that Help You Keep Growing As a Developer!


Ruby Deep Dive – The Book for Serious Ruby

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