Puppet: Mastering Infrastructure Automation

Puppet: Mastering Infrastructure Automation9781788399708

Puppet: Mastering Infrastructure Automation
by: Felix Frank - Martin Alfke - Alessandro Franceschi - Jaime Soriano Pastor - Thomas Uphillis
ISBN-10 书号: 1788399706
ISBN-13 书号: 9781788399708
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-06-13
pages 页数: 796

Book Description
Start pulling the strings of your IT infrastructure effectively with Puppet – learn how to configure,customize and manage your systems more intelligently in an enterprise deployment.
About This Book
Step-by-step instructions to jump start your Puppet deployment and automate your IT configurations
Design,implement,and deploy Puppet in your infrastructure and tackle everyday IT infrastructure challenges
Gain expert understanding of Puppet's latest and most advanced features
Who This Book Is For
If you're an experienced IT professional and a new Puppet user,this course will provide you with all you need to know to go from installation to advanced automation.
What You Will Learn
Write and employ individual Puppet manifests
Understand how Puppet implements system abstraction
Use Puppet to manage network,cloud,and virtualization devices
Manage and test the Puppet code workflow
Tweak,hack,and adapt the Puppet extension points
Use exported resources to orchestrate change between machines
Debug a puppetserver using Java techniques
In Detail
Puppet is a configuration management tool that allows you to automate all your IT configurations,giving you control. It was written for and by system administrators to manage large numbers of systems efficiently and prevent configuration drifts. Puppet gives you control of what you do to each node,when you do it,and how you do it.This Learning Path will take you from the basics of Puppet to extending it and then mastering it. We will start off with a primer on Puppet,its installation and get a sneak peek under its hood. We will then move on to designing and deploying your Puppet architecture,learning best practices for writing reusable and maintainable code,and executing,testing,and deploying Puppet across your systems. Finally,we will deal with problems of scale and exceptions in your code,automate workflows,and support multiple developers working simultaneously.This course is based on the following books:
Puppet 4 Essentials Second Edition
Extending Puppet Second Edition
Mastering Puppet Second Edition
Style and approach
This learning path follows a practical approach,starting from the basic commands to advanced aspects. Through a series of examples you will learn the most important skills essential to manage your IT infrastructure effectively.
1. Module 1
1. Writing Your First Manifests
2. The Master and Its Agents
3. A Peek under the Hood – Facts,Types,and Providers
4. Modularizing Manifests with Classes and Defined Types
5. Extending Your Puppet Infrastructure with Modules
6. Leveraging the Full Toolset of the Language
7. New Features from Puppet 4
8. Separating Data from Code Using Hiera
2. Module 2
1. Puppet Essentials
2. Managing Puppet Data with Hiera
3. Introducing PuppetDB
4. Designing Puppet Architectures
5. Using and Writing Reusable Modules
6. Higher Abstraction Modules
7. Puppet Migration Patterns
8. Code Workflow Management
9. Scaling Puppet Infrastructures
10. Extending Puppet
11. Beyond the System
12. Future Puppet
3. Module 3
1. Dealing with Load/Scale
2. Organizing Your Nodes and Data
3. Git and Environments
4. Public Modules
5. Custom Facts and Modules
6. Custom Types
7. Reporting and Orchestration
8. Exported Resources
9. Roles and Profiles
10. Troubleshooting
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