Programming Rust:Fast,Safe Systems Development

Programming Rust:Fast,Safe Systems Development
by:Jim Blandy - Jason Orendorff
ISBN-10 书号:1491927283
ISBN-13 书号:9781491927281
Edition 版次:1
Release Finelybook 出版日期:October 25,2016
pages 页数:400

Book Description
This practical book introduces systems programmers to Rust,the new and cutting-edge language that’s still in the experimental/lab stage. You’ll learn how Rust offers the rare and valuable combination of statically verified memory safety and low-level control—imagine C++,but without dangling pointers,null pointer dereferences,leaks,or buffer overruns.
Author Jim Blandy—the maintainer of GNU Emacs and GNU Guile—demonstrates how Rust has the potential to be the first usable programming language that brings the benefits of an expressive modern type system to systems programming. Rust’s rules for borrowing,mutability,ownership,and moves versus copies will be unfamiliar to most systems programmers,but they’re key to Rust’s unique advantages.
This book presents Rust’s rules clearly and economically; elaborates on their consequences; and shows you how to express the programs you want to write in terms that Rust can prove are free of broad classes of everyday errors.
Chapter 1. Why Rust?
Chapter 2. A Tour of Rust
Chapter 3. Basic types
Chapter 4. Ownership and moves
Chapter 5. References and borrowing
Chapter 6. Expressions
Chapter 8. Enums and patterns

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