PROC SQL:Beyond the Basics Using SAS,3rd Edition

PROC SQL:Beyond the Basics Using SAS,Third Edition 3rd Edition
by:Kirk Paul Lafler
pages 页数:420 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:SAS Institute; 3 edition (March 20,2019)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:163526684X
ISBN-13 书号:9781635266849

Book Description
PROC SQL:Beyond the Basics Using SAS®,Third Edition,is a step-by:-step,example-driven guide that helps readers master the language of PROC SQL. Packed with analysis and examples illustrating an assortment of PROC SQL options,statements,and clauses,this book not only covers all the basics,but it also offers extensive guidance on complex topics such as set operators and correlated subqueries. Programmers at all levels will appreciate Kirk Lafler’s easy-to-follow examples,clear explanations,and handy tips to extend their knowledge of PROC SQL.
This third edition explores new and powerful features in SAS® 9.4,including topics such as:

IFC and IFN functions
nearest neighbor processing
the HAVING clause
It also features two completely new chapters on fuzzy matching and data-driven programming. Delving into the workings of PROC SQL with greater analysis and discussion,PROC SQL:Beyond the Basics Using SAS®,Third Edition,explores this powerful database language using discussion and numerous real-world examples.
About This Book
Chapter 1:Designing Database Tables
Chapter 2:Working with Data in PROC SQL
Chapter 3:Formatting Output
Chapter 4:Coding PROC SQL Logic
Chapter 5:Creating,Populating,and Deleting Tables
Chapter 6:Modifying and Updating Tables and Indexes
Chapter 7:Coding Complex Queries
Chapter 8:Working with Views
Chapter 9:Fuzzy Matching Programming
Chapter 10:Data-driven Programming
Chapter 11:Troubleshooting and Debugging
Chapter 12:Tuning for Performance and Efficiency


PROC SQL Beyond the Basics Using SAS,3rd Edition

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