Problem Solving and Python Programming

Problem Solving and Python Programming
by:E. Balagurusamy
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:McGraw Hill Education; First edition; 1st edition (2017)
pages 页数:342
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:9387067017
ISBN-13 书号:9789387067011

Book Description
Developments in the field of digital electronics and the huge amount of data generated during the last few decades ushered in the second Industrial Revolution which is popularly referred to as the Information Revolution. Information technology played an ever-increasing role in this new revolution. A sound knowledge of how computers work,process and analyze data has,therefore,become indispensable for everyone who seeks employment not only in the area of IT,but also in any other fields. Rightly so,many institutions and universities in India have introduced a subject covering Problem Solving and Python Programming for their undergraduate students. This book caters to those needs of the undergraduate students.
Python is a high-level,interpreted,reflective,dynamically typed,open-source,multi-paradigm,and generalpurpose programming language. It is quite powerful and easy. It offers no special tools or features that let you do things that you cannot do with other languages,but its elegant design and combination of certain features make Python a pleasure to use.
The book ensures a smooth and successful transition to a skilled expert in Python. This book uses a simpleto-complex and easy-to-learn approach throughout the book. The concept of ‘learning by-solving’ has been
stressed in all the chapters of the book. Each feature of Python is treated in-depth followed by a complete program example to illustrate its use. Wherever necessary,concepts are explained pictorially to facilitate better understanding. It presents a contemporary approach to programming,offering a combination of theory and practice.
Each of the 8 chapters follow a common structure with a range of learning and assessment tools for instructors and students.
The salient features of the book include the following:

Bottom-up approach of explaining concepts has been adopted in the book.
Algorithms and flowcharts have been discussed extensively in an appendix.
Codes with Comments have been provided throughout the book to illustrate the use of various features of Python.
Supplementary Information and important notes that complement,but stand apart from the text,have been included in special boxes under the head Notes.
Always Remember consists of important summary points at the end of every chapter to help the readers recollect the topics covered with ease.
Check Your Understanding helps the readers evaluate their learning after every section within the chapters of the book.
Important Key Terms within the chapter have been listed at the end.
Review Exercises comprising Multiple choice questions along with answer keys,short questions and programming exercises are provided at the chapter end to help readers test their conceptual understanding


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