Pro Java 9 Games Development:Leveraging the JavaFX APIs

Pro Java 9 Games Development:Leveraging the JavaFX APIs
by:Wallace Jackson
ISBN-10 书号:1484209745
ISBN-13 书号:9781484209745
Edition 版次:1st ed.
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2017-12-16
pages 页数:633

Book Description
Use Java 9 and JavaFX 9 to write 3D games for the latest consumer electronics devices. Written by open source gaming expert Wallace Jackson, this book uses Java 9 and NetBeans 9 to add leading-edge features, such as 3D, textures, animation, digital audio, and digital image compositing to your games.
Along the way you’ll learn about game design, including game design concepts, genres, engines, and UI design techniques. To completely master Java 3D game creation, you will combine this knowledge with a number of JavaFX 9 topics, such as scene graph hierarchy; 3D scene configuration; 3D model design and primitives; model shader creation; and 3D game animation creation. With these skills you will be able to take your 3D Java games to the next level.
The final section of Pro Java 9 Games Development puts the final polish on your abilities. You’ll see how to add AI logic for random content selection methods; harness a professional scoring engine; and player-proof your event handling. After reading Pro Java 9 Games Development, you will come away with enough 3D expertise to design, develop, and build your own professional Java 9 games, using JavaFX 9 and the latest new media assets.
What You’ll Learn
Design and build professional 3D Java 9 games, using NetBeans 9, Java 9, and JavaFX 9
Integrate new media assets, such as digital imagery and digital audio
Integrate the new JavaFX 9 multimedia engine API
Create an interactive 3D board game, modeled, textured, and animated using JavaFX
Optimize game assets for distribution, and learn how to use the Java 9 module system
Who This Book Is For
Experienced Java developers who may have some prior game development experience. This book can be for experienced game developers new to Java programming.
Chapter 1:The Different Faces of Java:Create a Java 9 Development Workstation
Chapter 2:An Introduction to Content Creation:2D New Media Asset Fundamentals
Chapter 3:Advanced 3D Content Rendering:3D Asset Concepts and Principles
Chapter 4:An Introduction to Game Design:Game Design Concepts, Genres, Engines, and Techniques
Chapter 5:A Java Primer:Introduction to Java Concepts and Principles
Chapter 6:Setting Up Your Java 9 IDE:An Introduction to NetBeans 9
Chapter 7:Introduction to JavaFX 9:Overview of the JavaFX New Media Engine
Chapter 8:JavaFX 9 Scene Graph Hierarchy:A Foundation for Java 9 Game Design
Chapter 9:JavaFX 9 User Interface Design:The Front End for Java 9 Game Design
Chapter 10:User Interface Design Interactivity:Event Handling and Imaging Effects
Chapter 11:3D Scene Configuration:Using the PerspectiveCamera and PointLight
Chapter 12:3D Model Design and Primitives:Using JavaFX 9 Shape3D Classes
Chapter 13:3D Model Shader Creation:Using the JavaFX 9 PhongMaterial Class
Chapter 14:3D Model Hierarchy Creation:Using Primitives to Create a Game Board
Chapter 15:3D Gameplay UI Creation:Using the Sphere Primitive to Create a UI Node
Chapter 16:3D Game Animation Creation:Using the Animation Transition Classes
Chapter 17:i3D Game Square Selection:Using the PickResult Class with 3D Models
Chapter 18:3D Gameplay Design:Creating Your Game Content Using GIMP and Java
Chapter 19:Game Content Engine:AI Logic with Random Content Selection Methods
Chapter 20:Coding Gameplay:Set Up Gameplay Methods and Animated Camera View
Chapter 21:Questions and Answers:Finishing the Setup Methods and Digital Audio
Chapter 22:Scoring Engine:Creating the Score UI Layout and Scoring the Content
Chapter 23:Completing the Gameplay Code and Player Proofing Your Event Handling
Chapter 24:Optimizing Game Assets and Code, and Game Profiling Using NetBeans

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