Practical Java Programming with ChatGPT: Develop, Prototype and Validate Java Applications by integrating OpenAI API and leveraging Generative AI and LLMs

Practical Java Programming with ChatGPT: Develop, Prototype and Validate Java Applications by integrating OpenAI API and leveraging Generative AI and LLMs (English Edition)
by 作者: Alan S. Bluck (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: ‎Orange Education Pvt Ltd (November 2, 2023)
Language 语言: ‎English
Pages 页数: ‎428 pages
ISBN-10 书号: ‎8119416791
ISBN-13 书号: ‎9788119416790

Book Description
How to use ChatGPT to write fast validated Java code

Book Description
Embark on a Fascinating Journey into AI-Powered Software Development with ChatGPT. This transformative book challenges the conventional speed of software development by showcasing a diverse array of inquiries directed at cutting-edge AI tools, including Ask AI, ChatGPT 3.5, Perplexity AI, Microsoft Bing Chatbot based on ChatGPT 4.0, and the Phed mobile app.
Diving deep into the integration of Java and ChatGPT, this book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of their synergy in programming. Each carefully crafted question serves as a testament to ChatGPT's exceptional ability to swiftly generate Java programs.
The resulting code undergoes rigorous validation using the latest open-source Eclipse IDE and the Java language, empowering readers to craft efficient code in a fraction of the usual time. The journey doesn't end there—this book looks ahead to the promising future of ChatGPT, unveiling exciting potential enhancements planned by OpenAI. These innovations are poised to usher in even more formidable AI-driven capabilities for software development.
Table of
1. Getting Started with ChatGPT
2. Java Programming – Best Practices as Stated by ChatGPT
3. Developing Java Code for Utilizing the ChatGPT API
4. Java Program for Using Binary Search
5. Installation of the Latest Open-source Eclipse Java IDE
6. ChatGPT Generated Java Code for Fourier Analysis
7. ChatGPT Generated Java Code for the Fast Fourier Transform
8. ChatGPT Generated Java Code for Indexing a Document
9. ChatGPT-generated Java Code for Saltikov Particle Distribution
10. ChatGPT-generated Java Code to Invert a Triangular Matrix
11. ChatGPT Generated Java Code to Store a Document in the IBM FileNet System
12. Conclusions and the Future of ChatGPT for Program Development
13. Appendices for Additional Questions

From the Publisher

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How to use ChatGPT to write fast validated Java code

The questions in this book, relating to Java program software development, were posed to the ChatGPT android phone app. The questions were based on previous developments (many algorithms originally took days to write). The responses were astonishing and appeared in seconds! In this book, we take the example Java code supplied by ChatGPT and implement it using the latest available Eclipse IDE. We have also established that all the base code generated by ChatGPT is free to use! ChatGPT provides a fantastic opportunity for Java programmers to turbocharge their code writing. Software developers, programmers and software engineers can spend days writing code for applications. In this book we describe, using examples, the prompts which can be used for ChatGPT to automate the process of ChatGPT Java code generation.

This book contains questions relating to software development, which I posed (in bold) to the ChatGPT Android phone app.

  • Develop NLP Solutions in Java for Mathematical, Content, and Sentiment Analysis.
  • Seamlessly Integrate ChatGPT with Java via OpenAI API.
  • Harness AI-Powered Code Snippet Generation and Intelligent Code Suggestions.
  • Leverage Rapid Idea Prototyping and Validation in Java Development.
  • Empower the Creation of Tailored Java Applications.
  • Enhance Efficiency and Expedite Prototyping with Instant AI Insights.

This book is tailored for Java Programmers, IT consultants, and Systems and Solution Architects with fundamental IT knowledge. It offers practical templates for Java programming solutions, complete with ChatGPT-powered examples.


  • Gain insight into the benefits of harnessing AI to elevate your effectiveness as a software engineer.
  • Elevate your professional journey by significantly boosting your programming efficiency to swiftly produce reliable; tested code.
  • Harness and validate the potential of ChatGPT; both directly through the ChatGPT Java API and indirectly by leveraging ChatGPT's Java code generation capabilities.

Alan S. Bluk

About the Author

Alan was elected as an IBM Champion in 2022 and re-elected as an IBM Champion in 2023. He is a systems architect providing a broad range of services, from high-level technical design, through mentoring for code development and installation and configuration of IBM FileNet’s core products. Responsible for high-level analysis and configuration of existing and new IBM FileNet systems. With over 45 years of active Software Development experience, he is currently the Director of ASB Software Development Limited, an accredited Red Hat Business Partner and an IBM Business Partner. He is also an active member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Information Technology Professional. (MBCS, CITP)

Gil Metcalf

Meet the Technical Reviewer

Gil Metcalf has had a long and varied career, initially qualifying as an industrial microbiologist working for an oil company on projects relating to microbial mining of heavy metals as well as enhanced oil recovery from spent wells. Following this he worked for many years for a large pharmaceutical company where he fulfilled several roles, including project manager, development team leader, and network administrator. During this time he developed software for clinical trial management, as well as critical tools used in hospitals for the management of canker patients. During his many years working in the software industry as a solutions architect, he has gained a wealth of experience in many fields and sectors, particularly financial technologies, but also including manufacturing, logistics, and energy markets.

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First published: November 2023

Published by 作者: Orange Education Pvt Ltd, AVA

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