Pandas for Everyone: Python Data Analysis, 2nd Edition

Pandas for Everyone: Python Data Analysis, 2nd EditionPandas for Everyone: Python Data Analysis, 2nd Edition
by Daniel Y. Chen
Released December 2022
Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 9780137891146
Book description
Manage and Automate Data Analysis with Pandas in Python

Today, analysts must manage data characterized by extraordinary variety, velocity, and volume. Using the open source Pandas library, you can use Python to rapidly automate and perform virtually any data analysis task, no matter how large or complex. Pandas can help you ensure the veracity of your data, visualize it for effective decision-making, and reliably reproduce analyses across multiple data sets.

Pandas for Everyone, 2nd Edition, brings together practical knowledge and insight for solving real problems with Pandas, even if youre new to Python data analysis. Daniel Y. Chen introduces key concepts through simple but practical examples, incrementally building on them to solve more difficult, real-world data science problems such as using regularization to prevent data overfitting, or when to use unsupervised machine learning methods to find the underlying structure in a data set.

New features to the second edition include:

Extended coverage of plotting and the seaborn data visualization library

Expanded examples and resources

Updated Python 3.9 code and packages coverage, including statsmodels and scikit-learn libraries

Online bonus material on geopandas, Dask, and creating interactive graphics with Altair

Chen gives you a jumpstart on using Pandas with a realistic data set and covers combining data sets, handling missing data, and structuring data sets for easier analysis and visualization. He demonstrates powerful data cleaning techniques, from basic string manipulation to applying functions simultaneously across dataframes.

Once your data is ready, Chen guides you through fitting models for prediction, clustering, inference, and exploration. He provides tips on performance and scalability and introduces you to the wider Python data analysis ecosystem.

Work with DataFrames and Series, and import or export data

Create plots with matplotlib, seaborn, and pandas

Combine data sets and handle missing data

Reshape, tidy, and clean data sets so theyre easier to work with

Convert data types and manipulate text strings

Apply functions to scale data manipulations

Aggregate, transform, and filter large data sets with groupby

Leverage Pandas advanced date and time capabilities

Fit linear models using statsmodels and scikit-learn libraries

Use generalized linear modeling to fit models with different response variables

Compare multiple models to select the best one

Regularize to overcome overfitting and improve performance

Use clustering in unsupervised machine learning

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