OCR with OpenCV, Tesseract, and Python (Practitioner Bundle)

The ideal starting point if you want to learn more advanced OCR techniques This bundle includes everything from the “Intro to OCR” Bundle, plus how to train your own custom OCR models with Keras/TensorFlow, apply image/document alignment and registration, OCR receipts and invoices, OCR license plates and Automatic License Plate Recognition, improve OCR speed with GPUs, handwriting recognition, and even how to train and fine-tune Tesseract models on your own custom datasets. You’ll also learn my tips, suggestions, and best practices when building OCR projects.

Companion Website
2 Training an OCR Model with Keras and TensorFlow
3 Handwriting Recognition with Keras and TensorFlow
4 Using Machine Learning to Denoise lmages for Better OCR Accuracy
5 Making OCR”Easy”with EasyOCR
6 lmage/Document Alignment and Registration
7 OCRing a Document,Form,or Invoice
8 Sudoku Solver and OCR
9 Automatically OCRing Receipts and Scans
10 OCRing Business Cards
11 OCRing License Plates with ANPR/ALPR
12 Multi-Column Table OCR
13 Blur Detection in Text and Documents
14OCR’ing Video Streams
15Improving Text Detection Speed with OpenCV and GPUs
16 Text Detection and OCR with Amazon Rekognition APl
17 Text Detection and OCR with Microsoft Cognitive Services
18 Text Detection and OCR with Google Cloud Vision APl
19 Training a Custom Tesseract Model
20 OCRing Text with Your Custom Tesseract Model


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