Numerical Brain Teasers: Exercise Your Mind

Numerical Brain Teasers: Exercise Your Mind
by 作者: Erica Sadun (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: ‎Pragmatic Bookshelf; (January 24, 2023)
Language 语言: ‎English
Pages 页数: ‎188 pages
ISBN-10 书号: ‎1680509748
ISBN-13 书号: ‎9781680509748

Book Description
Challenge your brain with math! Using nothing more than basic arithmetic and logic, you'll be thrilled as answers slot into place. Whether purely for fun or to test your knowledge, you'll sharpen your problem-solving skills and flex your mental muscles. All you need is logical thought, a little patience, and a clear mind. There are no gotchas here. These puzzles are the perfect introduction to or refresher for math concepts you may have only just learned or long since forgotten. Get ready to have more fun with numbers than you've ever had before.
Engage your analytical side with these numerical brain teasers. Math and logic puzzles help you stretch your mind to think in new ways. They flex your lateral thinking as you work through fresh problem styles. Each puzzle type comes with an explanation, a method for solving them, and solutions if you get stuck.
The puzzles in this book are short, self-contained, and "gritty." They offer an enjoyable challenge and are designed to be solvable within a few minutes. You only need basic arithmetic to solve these puzzles; no advanced math required. There's plenty of variety to keep things fresh. From wandering digits to magic triangles, from summing grids to water pails, you'll find something that catches your interest. Each puzzle is brief, so use them as a warm-up to your daily work, for a delightful diversion on your coffee break, or solve a few while you wind down for the day.
Grab a pencil and your thinking cap, and get solving!
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