Microsoft Blazor:Building Web Applications in .NET,2nd Edition

Microsoft Blazor:Building Web Applications in .NET
by:Peter Himschoot
pages 页数:304 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Apress; 2nd ed. edition (30 May 2020)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1484259270
ISBN-13 书号:9781484259276

Book Description
Build web applications in C# and Microsoft .NET that run in any modern browser. This second edition is updated to work with the release version of Blazor and covers Blazor’s use in creating both server-side and WebAssembly Blazor applications. Developers are able to use all their experience in .NET along with thousands of existing libraries,right in the browser.
There is important new coverage in this edition on the new and improved Razor syntax,how to easily validate user input with Blazor validation,and how to build complex interacting components with Cascading Properties and Templated Components. You will learn how to build user interfaces and present data to a user for display and modification,capturing the user’s changes via data binding. The book shows you how to access a rich library of .NET functionality such as a component model for building a composable user interface,including how to develop reusable components that can be used across many pages and websites. Also covered is data exchange with a server,giving you access to microservices and database services.
Blazor provides a fresh take on web development by:eliminating the need for you to learn different languages and frameworks for client- and server-side development. Blazor allows C# and .NET to be used on all sides,providing a robust feature set that is well suited toward scalable,enterprise-level applications. This book gets you started using this important new toolkit for web application development.
What You Will Learn

Build user interfaces and display data for users to edit
Capture the user’s changes via data binding
Transfer data back and forth between server and client
Communicate with microservices and database services
Develop reusable components and assemble them into bigger components
Use routing to build single-page applications (SPAs)
Build Blazor libraries that are reusable across applications

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