Machine Learning and IoT A Biological Perspective

Machine Learning and IoT: A Biological Perspective
ISBN-10 书号: 1138492698
ISBN-13 书号: 9781138492691
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-07-03
Pages 页数: 374

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Covers a wide range of topics and envisages machine learning as an exclusive way to solve a wide range of biological problems from brain computer interface to no human doctor, from environmental data management to data mining in nutraceuticals, from emotion detection to drug design.
Discusses how machine learning and IoT can be used to store and analyze large scale data generated in the fields of environmental biology research and bioprocessing, or how to predict corrosion induced by microorganisms
Discusses about case studies on how different computational methods can be used for solving complex biological problems
Explains computational tools commonly used in the field of bioinformatics, such as screening of potential drugs for cancer therapeutics, handling huge sets of metabolomic data from a single cell, analyzing the evolutionary relationship between two species, and homology modelling.
This book discusses some of the innumerable ways in which computational methods can be used to facilitate research in biology and medicine - from storing enormous amounts of biological data to solving complex biological problems and enhancing treatment of various grave diseases.


Chapter 1:Machine Learning:A Powerful Tool for
Chapter 2:Mining and Analysis of Bioprocess Data
Chapter 3:Data Mining in Nutrigenomics
Chapter 4:Machine Learning in Metabolic Engineering|
Chapter 5:Big Data and Transcriptomics
Chapter 6:Comparative Study of Predictive Models in
Microbial-Induced Corrosion
Chapter 7:Application of Data Mining Techniques in
Autoimmune Diseases Research and Treatment
Chapter 8:Data Mining Techniques in lmaging of
Chapter 9:Machine Learning Approach to Overcome
the Challenges in Theranostics:A Review
Chapter 10:Emotion Detection System
Chapter 11:Segmentation and Clinical Outcome
Prediction in Brain Lesions
Chapter 12:Machine Learning Based
Hospital-Acquired Infection Control System
Chapter 13:No Human Doctor:Learning of the
Chapter 14:The loT Revolution
Chapter 15:Healthcare loT(H-loT):Applications and
Ethical Concerns
Chapter 16:Brain-Computer Interface
Chapter 17:loT-Based Wearable Medical Devices
Chapter 18:People with Disabilities:The Helping
Hand of loT
Chapter 19:Smart Analytical Lab
Chapter 20:Crop and Animal Farming loT(CAF-loT)


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