Learning DevSecOps: A Practical Guide to Processes and Tools

Learning DevSecOps: A Practical Guide to Processes and Tools
by 作者: Steve Suehring (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: O'Reilly Media
Edition: 1st
Publication Date 出版日期: 2024-06-18
Language 语言: English
Pages 页数: 192 pages
ISBN-10 书号: 1098144864
ISBN-13 书号: 9781098144869

Book Description

How do some organizations maintain 24-7 internet-scale operations? How can organizations integrate security while continuously deploying new features? How do organizations increase security within their DevOps processes?

This practical guide helps you answer those questions and more. Author Steve Suehring provides unique content to help practitioners and leadership successfully implement DevOps and DevSecOps. Learning DevSecOps emphasizes prerequisites that lead to success through best practices and then takes you through some of the tools and software used by successful DevSecOps-enabled organizations.

You'll learn how DevOps and DevSecOps can eliminate the walls that stand between development, operations, and security so that you can tackle the needs of other teams early in the development lifecycle.

With this book, you will:

  • Learn why DevSecOps is about culture and processes, with tools to support the processes
  • Understand why DevSecOps practices are key elements to deploying software in a 24-7 environment
  • Deploy software using a DevSecOps toolchain and create scripts to assist
  • Integrate processes from other teams earlier in the software development lifecycle
  • Help team members learn the processes important for successful software development

About the Author

Steve Suehring is an Associate Professor of Computing at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point where he teaches courses on a variety of topics from development to networking to cybersecurity. Prior to joining the faculty, Steve worked in several roles including as a Technical Architect, Systems Engineer, and Data Security Analyst. Steve was an editor for LinuxWorld Magazine and has written several technology books.

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