JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB: Design, code, test, deploy and manage in Amazon AWS

JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB: Design, code, test, deploy and manage in Amazon AWS

By 作者: Eric Bush

ISBN-10 书号: 0997196661
ISBN-13 书号: 9780997196665
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-07-07
pages 页数: 392


JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB: Design, code, test, deploy and manage in Amazon AWS
JavaScript is more popular than ever. This is due to the huge developer community and it being used in every layer of an application technology stack.
This book will teach you how to develop JavaScript applications with simple to use, yet powerful JavaScript technologies and host everything in the cloud in an economic and robust way in AWS.
Enjoy an all-encompassing presentation of theory, reference and implementation for building three-tier architectures with a Data Layer (MongoDB), Service Layer (Node.js/Express) and Presentation Layer (React/React Native). Learn how to architect, develop, test, secure, deploy and manage a RESTful Web Service.
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PART I: The Data Laver(MongoDB)
Chapter 1: Fundamentals
1.1Definition of the Data Layer
1.2 Data layer design process
1.3Introducing MongoDB
1.4The MongoDB Collection
1.5The MongoDB Document
Chapter2: Data Modeling
2.1 Referencing or Embedding Data
2.2When to use Referencing
2.3 Reference Relationship Patterns
2.4AHybrid Approach
2.5 Differentiating Document Types
2.6Running Out of Space in a Database
2.7 Access Control
Chapter 3: Querving for Documents
3.1Query Criteria
3-2Proiection criteria
3.3 Querving Polymorphic Documents in a Single Collection
Chapter 4: Updating Documents
4.1Update operators
4.2Array Update Operators
Chapter 5: Managing Availability and Performance
5.2Availability through Replication
5.3 Sharding
Chapter 6: NewsWatcher App Development
6.1 Create the Database and Collection
6.2 Data Model Document Design
6.3Trving Out Some Queries
5.4Indexing Policy
6.5Moving On
Chapter 7: DevOps for MongoDB
7.1Monitoring through the Atlas Management Portal
7.2 The Blame Game
7.3Backup and Recovery
PART II: The Service Laver (Node. is)
Chapter 8: Fundamentals
8.1Definition of the Service Laver
8.2 Introducing Node. is
8.3Basic Concepts of Programming Node
8.4Node. is Module Design
8.5 Useful Node Modules
Chapter 9: Espress
9.1The Express Basics
9.2Express Request Routing
9.3. Express Middleware
9.4Express Request Object
9.5 Express Response Obiect
9.6Template Response Sending
Chapter 1o: The MongoDB Module
10.1Basic CRUD Operations
10.2 Aggregation Functionality
10.3 What About an ODM/ORM?
10.4Concurrency Problems
Chapter 11: Advanced Node Concepts
11.1How to Schedule Code to Run
11.2How to Be RESTful
11.3How to Secure Access
11.4How to Mitigate Attacks
11.5Understanding Node Internals
11.6 How to Scale Node
Chapter 12: NewsWatcher App Development
12.1Install the Necessary Tools
12.2Create an Express Application
12.3Deploying to AWS Elastic Beanstalk
12.4Basic Project Structure
12.5Where it All Starts(server. is)
12.6AMongoDB Document to Hold News Stories
12.7ACentral Place for Configuration C. en)
12.8 HTTP/Rest Web Service API
12.9 Session Resource Routing (routes/session. js)
12.10 Authorization Token Module (routes/authHelper. is)
12.11User Resource Routing (routes/users. is)
12.12 Home News Routing (routes/homeNews. is)
12.13Shared News Routing(routes/sharedNews. js)
12.14 Forked Node Process (app FORK. is)
12.15 Securing with HTTPS
12.16 Deployment
Chapter 13: Testing the NewsWatcher RestAPI
13.1Debugging During Testing
18.2Tools to Make an HTTP/Rest Call
13.3AFunctional Test Suit with Mocha
13.4Performance and Load Testing
13-5Running Lint
Chapter 14: DevOps Service Laver Tips
14.1Console Logging
14.2CPU Profiling
14.3. Memory Leak Detection
14.5Monitoring and Alerting
PARTIII: The Presentation Laver (React/HTML)
Chapter 15: Fundamentals
15.1Defnition of the Presentation Layer
15.2Introducing React
15.3React with only an HTML file
15.4Instalation and App Creation
15.5The Basics of React rendering with Components
15.6Custom Components and Props
15.7Components and State
15.8Event Handlers
15.9Component Containment
15.10 HTML Forms
15.11 Lifecvele of a Component
15.12Typechecking your Props
15.13 Getting a reference to a DOM element
Chapter 16: Further Topics
16.1 Using React Router
16.2 Using Bootstrap with React
16.3 Making HTTP/Rest Requests
16.4 State management with Redus
Chapter 17: NewsWatcher App Development with React
17.1 Where it All Starts (src/index. is)
17.2 The hub of everything (sre/App. is)
17.3 Redux Reducers(src/reducers/index. is)
17.4The Login Page(src/views/loginview. is)
17.5 Displaying the News (sre/views/newsview. is and
src/views/homenewsview. is)
17.6 Shared News Page(sre/views/sharednewsview. is)
17.7 Profile Page(sre/views/profileview. is)
17.8 Not Found Page (sre/views/notfound. is)
Chapter 18: UI Testing of NewsWatcher
18.1 UI Testing with Selenium
18.2 UI Testing with Enzyme
18.3 Debugging UI Code Issues
Chapter 19: Server-Side Rendering
19.1NewsWatcher and SSR
Chapter 2o: Native Mobile Application development with React
20.1 React Native starter application
20.2 Components
20.3 Styling your application
20.4 Layout with flexbox
20.5 Screen navigation
20.6 Device capability access
20.7 Code changes to NewsWatcher
20.8 Application Store Deployment

JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB
JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB 9780997196665.pdf

JavaScript Applications with Node.js, React, React Native and MongoDB
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