Java Software Structures, 4th Edition

Java Software Structures,International Edition
By (author) John Lewis , By (author) Joseph Chase
ISBN-10 书号: 0273793322
ISBN-13 书号: 9780273793328
Edition 版本: 4th edition
pages 页数: 689
Language 语言: English
Intended for use in the Java Data Structures course The fourth edition of Java Software Structures embraces the enhancements of the latest version of Java, where all structures and collections are based on generics. The framework of the text walks the reader through three main areas: conceptualization, explanation, and implementation, allowing for a consistent and coherent introduction to data structures. Students learn how to develop high-quality software systems using well-designed collections and algorithms. Teaching and Learning ExperienceTo provide a better teaching and learning experience, for both instructors and students, this program will:Apply Theory and/or Research: Three main areas: conceptualization, explanation, and implementation, allow for a consistent and coherent introduction to data structures. Engage Students: Hands-on optional case studies and new VideoNotes tutorials offer real-world perspective, and keep students interested in the material. Support Instructors and Students: Instructor Supplemental Support includes PowerPoint presentation slides, Solution Manual, test bank, case studies with source code, and solutions.
Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2:Analysis of Algorithms
Chapter 3:Introduction to Collections-Stacks
Chapter 4:Linked Structures-Stacks
Chapter 5:Queues
Chapter 6:Lists
Chapter 7:Iterators
Chapter 8:Recursion
Chapter 9:Searching and Sorting
Chapter 10:Trees
Chapter 11:Binary Search Trees
Chapter 12:Heaps and Priority Queues
Chapter 13:Sets and Maps
Chapter 14:Multi-Way Search Trees
Chapter 15:Graphs
Appendix A:UML
Appendix B:Object-Oriented Design
Appendix C:Java Graphics
Appendix D:Graphical User Interfaces
Appendix E:Hashing
I即E.1 Hashing
即E.2Hashing Functions
PE.3 Resolving Collisions
即E.4Deleting Elements from a Hash Table
即E.5 Hash Tables in the Java Collections APl
I即 Summary of Key Concepts
Appendix F:Regular Expressions


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